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You get really cool gifts from Club authority and points back. Danny. Gentlemen, let's begin with the big news of the weekend, and I'm not talking Danny. How are you, buddy? Who d How you doing, Brother? I'm hanging in there, man hanging in there, man. I tell you for a man playing hurt You sound like you're 110% 0. I have 110% on the radio. Until 10 o'clock when I mean, helping tried to try to figure out he was shell. Yeah, I know a little help, please. A little help. That's why they make Crown Royal You know, That's what that sounds like The move right now. That sounds like the move. Crown Royal in a bedpan and you're good to go. Seven AM Wow, What a vision. I would say an edible might be a better thing and some CBD, MD Mm. I'm gonna have to figure this out. That's for sure. But you listen, I realized that I am I'm 48 that 28. I know that for sure. Now. Damn, I'm gonna take my time now. Next time, I'll just do one or two houses and set up five or six. Ugo Sylvie texted me. He's very upset that you didn't listen to him. If you recall last week, he said, you should take it easy shoveling. His fear was that we'd have to go back to Captain Company. But either way his prediction was right. You are sticking, Sylvie. Alright for heaven's sakes somewhere, Pat Boyle, see? Yes, Yes. Go down, huh? Yes. All right, gentlemen, let's go to the biggest story the weekend and not that cap hates porn. The biggest story. The weekend was the trade Matthew Stafford for Jared Goff, Rams and Lions making this move. So I ask you guys by forcing the Rams to trade away their future number out. First round picks for Matthew Stafford shatter. No shot. Sean McVeigh's seat is now warm and L a shot 100%. Because every time they lose your goes to the good enough When they win, Boy, that boy wonder of a coach. What a scheme he put out today. Stop yourself. He better win with this move, or they'll fire his ass. Tell you what staffers put up Terrific numbers. But what does that mean for the team? There's some great numbers that Stafford is individually, but it is not equated to division championships and being able to get to the next level for the Lions so absolutely shot now, you know McVeigh went to the Super Bowl cap. Now you start looking at all these junk coaches, right big bays. Part of that Maggie is part of that these guys that have all these schemes, but when it comes to getting the job done, we have not seen that enough. So there's no question McVeigh see this hot in Los Angeles. All right, gentlemen, sticking with that topic. So hours after Stafford was traded to the Rams for Jared Goff Word leaked that the New England Patriots were the on Lee team. Matthew Stafford would not accept a trade to Rex Ryan of ESPN. He said that players didn't want to go to New England because of Bill Bella check. They wanted to go to New England because of Tom Brady. So I ask you guys Shot or no shot. Bill Bella checks reputation as a genius is going to take a major hit over the course of the next five seasons. Um, Wow, that's a great great question. That's a no shot. He Okay? How about this? How can we meet in the middle on this? I think it's a very well ask question by Danny. Yes, His reputation could be Harnessed some during the next five years, but when he retires and goes off to his boat When you look back, you're still going to go. The guy went to nine Super Bowls. He's still the greatest team sports coach other than Scotty Bowman in the history of American sports. How about I say no shot? It's Matt Stafford, saying it A good point to mean. What is that? Stafford over one, right? That's not that's my ankle. My ankle on it is Oh, it's Matt Stafford. Oh, you didn't want to go there because you didn't want to work hard. Is that it? Or you could take the personality. You can take the culture change, and you think it's a little easier? Los Angeles because the younger coaching Cha McVeigh all right, then you know what? No, I think that across the board, there's respect No one's running away from New England. If you have an opportunity to be there, you know that you come out on the other side of being a better a better player because That guy is a wizard. He's known so much about the game. He's a nerd about it, right. Bill Belichick? Yep. So So if village is off new English on your list, that means that you're clearly fearful that you have to work actually harder at your job more than the numbers but actually learning the game from a different perspective. So because of Stafford, I say no shot. All right, gentlemen. Leonel Messi Soccer Lionel Messi got a new contract with Barcelona. It is reportedly worth up to €555 Million, which comes out to 673 million US Howard Stern over the next four seasons. Wait. No, that's not gloss over the numbers say the number again. How much $673 million over four seasons. It's reportedly the most expensive contract ever agreed with an athlete in any sport. So I ask you guys shot or no shot. Lionel Messi is the most deserving of being the highest paid athlete in any sport in the world. I'm going to say shot because I know the value of that brand of that sport. Having gotten to go to a game in Europe, it Manchester's hosting Chelsea and then Son, Alex and I, When we were in Spain went to camp new as they like to call it where C. Miller didn't even think I knew that camp knew where Barcelona plays. It's freaking unbelievable. There's 10,000 people a day going in there just for tours when they don't play. So, yes, the money there is totally different than the money here. $673 million over four years is our dad is a ton. You know, you know he has to give 50% of it to taxes. All God he's had his own He's had about with the tax evasion two in Spain. The Spanish government comes down hard on their athletes. What I.

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