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A wrong way. Driver killed on riverside freeway in Anaheim when a car smashed into the Senate divided about ninety miles an hour burst in the flames. The siege. P thinks driver it actually travel for several miles in the wrong direction before the pre-dawn crash near Euclid street on ramp. There was also another runway crash on that same freeway just a couple of hours earlier in Anaheim hills. That one involved a total of five vehicles and left four people injured one of them critically, traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the fives. Simply nothing is tragic as what I've just been describing. It's twelve thirty five. Let's check in with Lou style. That was a wild one earlier yesterday morning nothing like that out there. Now, though Markelle alone, orange in orange Anaheim area. This is on the northbound side of the fifty five and Lincoln avenue right at the off ramp. Overturned car wasn't lanes. They've upright. It's and now it's over on the right shoulder. Waiting on a tow truck. Also, emergency crews are on the scene as well. Taken care of the injured party there and in Lynnwood on the southbound side of the seven ten at imperial highway. A disabled vehicle is stuck on the on ramp and in east L A and the five northbound after Lorraine a street, a two vehicle crashes being tended to and that's partially blocking the right lane. Emergency crews may be blocking the right lane in Pasadena on the two ten eastbound before Sierra Madre, a disabled vehicle is blocking the right lane there and in Ontario. A couple of things sixty eastbound at Archibald avenue vehicle flew off the freeway and fell onto Archibald on its roof. So the.

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