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Line on NewsRadio six ten WTVN these super blood wolf moon edition of over the line. I had to write that down. Because I couldn't get what it was super blood wolf move. I can't mixing up the words WM what they'll say like everybody like everybody. Now, I forgot to ask tasks Jason call it a wolf moon. Well, I looked at. So I looked it up. We'll we'll from what I got from him. Was that a saloon in January? I thought is there a reason why a full moon in January is called a wolf moon. The answer is native Americans CIs, I assumed it was gonna be like just what did that's just what they called it. And so that's what we call it. I'll be honest. I sort of thought it was there's no I thought it was going to be something along those lines like dances with wolves. Yeah. There's no science behind it. It's just they called it the wolf moon. And so we call it the Wolfman. What's a February full moon called the sa- Valentine Valentine? I have no idea. It's a I forgot to buy chocolates moon. The doghouse moon. You don't know. I don't care. Can it's fine tells about German company Germany's biggest train company, they're commuter. Rail service has been under fire for quite a while for being not on time for being unpunctual, but they've been leading plates and people complain constantly that they can't seem to to get their trains running on time, which is bad when you are a train service. So it's trying to to let says mollify one disgruntled commuter by buying her delay scarf. The company Deutsche Bahn Thursday last Thursday announced plans to hire twenty two thousand more staff to help with their, you know, timing issues, and it also bought the Handmaid's scarf in an online auction for eight thousand dollars about seven thousand euro by a woman who was from eunuch, and she knitted a gray pink and red scarf last year with each color reflecting the. Amount of time. Her journey had been delayed. Oh, she was delayed. And so she said, okay. Well, I want to delay. So I'm going to grab the pink yarn. And I'll keep knitting until the the train gets here trains. You're okay. She put her knitting away. And then when she was delayed again cow grab the the the black yard. And so each length of color on the scarf was how long it took her to knit during the delays. I didn't know what though I thought maybe it was like a scarf autographed by Tom DeLay. No. And no one was real nicely. But Tom DeLay. That's really nice. They bought that scarf. Did they do anything about fixing the trains and how they said they hired twenty two thousand more staff that fix a problem? I don't know they just hired. They got to train them the train them for the train. So short answer. So her social media posts about the new scarf, drew widespread attention, and so Deutsche Bahn cited, well, we're by it and try to you know, so he gave her eight thousand dollars for. I mean, that's a pretty I mean, my wife knits. She makes a really nice scarfs. I'd love for it to be able to sell one of. Dollar thousand is seems like an odd numbers at eight thousand US that's already been converted was seven thousand five hundred fifty euro, which is about eight thousand six hundred dollars. Now that seems very strange incidents, and that's a that's a that's an autumn mount. That sounds like a negotiated will. Okay. An online auction. Okay. The price may have been driven up by her friends. Okay. But anyway, Deutsche Bahn's long distant trains arrived on time less than three quarters last year. So seventy five percent of the time they were late. Seventy five percent of the time. Good as the US airlines, whether.

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