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A pieces as much as possible. I've survived it. I'm still here. And those of you who have. Had problems in the past are now gone and your life begins to move the way it should be. I just wrote something before I speak about this. I I have a picture. It was a picture not a photograph. But it was you'll see it. When you go to Facebook is Billy Jack. It's a painting, and it's my face. And I wonder just read something to you for young people. If you don't mind, I will be nine thousand hundred years old, April second, and I wish to share with you about myself without becoming braggadocious. It is. I have never lost. A font since obviously little boy all the way to this very moment. I just want to stop here. Now do the ad lib. I've been in the military. I have been to South Africa before the revolution. Was there? I've been around the America forty four states..

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