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Small, but I have to say the flight was pretty packed. I was a little concerned. That's WFOR TV reporter Jessica Vallejo Elsewhere, the mayor of Denver, Michael Hancock was among the many to travel. He flew to Mississippi hours after telling his own residents not to go anywhere. Overnight. He did issue an apology. After intense backlash, he says he did open up about how his family canceled its usual Thanksgiving but should have shared that his wife and daughter have been a Mississippi after his daughter took a new job. Mayor claiming it was safer for him to travel as opposed to having the two of them fly back to Denver. When it rains, it pours. And that is the case for a house Democrat from Nevada, a very tough time for representative Susie Lee this holiday. She traveled to Ohio this week after her ill mother started receiving in home hospice care. Her mother passed away last night after an illness and tonight. In an unrelated coincidence, the representative has tested positive for the virus. In a statement, she said, I am currently asymptomatic and plan to participate in remote memorial services for my mother over the weekend. Starting next week. I will continue my congressional work remotely while isolating until I know it is safe to exit isolation. Let's k L. A s reporter Denise Valle, Dad's It's 7 36 coming up at the top of the hour. CBS World News Round Up Catching up on news from around the globe every weekday morning at eight Right here on WCBS. Sadie Health is something we often take for granted, but not anymore. Hi, I'm WCBS anchor Steve Scott. During this crisis. WCBS reminds you that simple things like washing your hands.

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