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And Angela I want to ask you how you got involved with all of this well unfortunately I am very dear cousin of mine died on April the fourteenth Anita was unfortunately fell and broke her hip beginning of March and was it the animal Medical Center and that was one of about the time that the lockdown started with the nursing homes or skilled and in the inpatient skilled nursing homes and she was discharged and transferred into the skilled rehab and everyone thought that should be safe there because no family or visitors were allowed other than staff and unfortunately communication stopped with her family and the only time that they got through was to find out that she was being tested four cove it then the call about she's positive and then she is our final hours how you can come see her and then a call at the end that she passed in who's going to pick up her body I was outraged that prompted me to get on the phone or an email with the Maryland apartment health and ask about data about it because no one knew that covert work it was in the nursing homes I just found this whole situation outrageous and a similar situation happened with my neighbor as well recently who died on Tuesday this week of Kobe while he was at the rehab place in Chestertown so I I've been full on fire actually with this issue when I reached out to Dr Palmisano about this and and that's how I ended up here was through her in in in my telling the story well doctor promise on a let me ask you this I saw and read hi where are the the seniors association is very concerned about the situation assume there are other groups that are very concerned about the situation have you been communicating with any of these folks you know with the.

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