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And the dumdum down and jim studio weren't smart enough to keep up with my genius and i got hit for and i will not make that mistake again i am comment on hot i've been pissed off for three hundred sixty five days and i've kevin and i've done jim show and i went on there and i just told you my story jim how's everything gone and i got the big fight this week while i was pissed inside for three hundred sixty five days and the second he turns me lose arm common hard and i'm not making the mistake to the script because i don't have one i'm coming at him i'm combine at laugh i'm combination some joe brauny named jeff pussai i don't even know how to say this jobbers name p a s s o n jeff p a s s o n is that passion is that piston is that but i don't i'm gonna call in pasana and i hope i'm wrong i hope that's not his name but i'm gonna say prasong spell p a s s o n should be on i hope it's right because as very condescending anytime time you don't know the guy's name it's condescending that's all pointed a spakhov jeff and you should keep your nose advocates you're gonna take some bumps today no script style and you guys coming up combination she'll i'm a twotime champion and you all are gonna find out why and you wanna know what sad you wanna know a sad about the smack off.

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