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Philip rivers and the LA chargers win their fifth consecutive contests at twenty five seventeen road victory against the Seattle Seahawks as they are a game and a half behind the chiefs for first place in the AFC west one game in the loss. Call Andrew deli back with you from the compass media networks studios, let's take one final look around the NFL week nine less than four minutes to play in the big easy. Drew Brees just hit Michael Thomas on a seventy two yard touchdown pass. These saints lead. The Rams forty four thirty five LA Rams overcame a thirty five fourteen deficit to tie this game at thirty five. The saints got a will lutts field goal. And then that seventy two yarder from breeze to Thomas. Micheal Thomas, twelve catches two hundred eleven yards and the score Alvin Kamara has three total touchdowns for the saints who looked to impr-. Proved you seven and one on the campaign and hand the Rams their first loss of twenty eighteen. They just went final in Denver. The Broncos had a fifty one yard game winning field goal attempt. It was no good Texans. Hung on for the nineteen seventeen road victory to improve to six and three on the season has Denver falls to three and sixty Andre Hopkins with ten catches hundred five yards and a touchdown earlier today at FedEx field be falcons. Impressive once again fourth third straight victory for Matt Ryan and the Burj thirty eight fourteen over Washington Matt Ryan with four touchdown passes. Julio Jones caught his first touchdown of the season. Seven grabs a buck twenty one and the score Kevin Coleman a couple of TD receptions as well. In Baltimore AFC, north rivalry, Pittsburgh at twenty three sixteen win against the ravens to improve to five two and one John Harbaugh's. Ravens fall to four and five on the season. As Levy on bell continues his holdout his backup, James Connor another very solid day. More than one hundred sixty scrimmage yards and a touchdown for the victorious Steelers. In minneapolis. The Vikings posted twenty four nine win over the lions setting franchise record. With ten sacks Danilo hunter also had a scoop and score for the vikes totally flummoxed thing. Matt Stafford Jim Bob cooter in that lions offense, Adam Phelan caught a touchdown pass as well. As the vikes improved who five three and one on the season. The bears went to orchard park dust, the bills forty one nine Jordan Howard couple of touchdowns on the ground. Sam darnold exclaimed proclaimed after the game. He could play better must play. Better sacked four times threw four interceptions as the dolphins beat the jets in Miami gardens by a final thirteen six. Miami improves to five and four on the season jets fall to three and six. In Carolina was an NFC south shootout Panthers. Forty two bucket. Here's Twenty-eight Cam Newton Panthers. Now six and two on the season Christian McCaffrey with more than one hundred fifty yards from scrimmage and a couple of touchdown runs in Cleveland Padma homes and Baker Mayfield meeting in the pro ranks for the first time. It was the chiefs thirty-seven Brown's Twenty-one Mahomes three hundred seventy five yards. Three touchdowns. Kareem hunt had three touchdowns as well. Baker Mayfield two hundred ninety seven yards and a couple of touchdowns with a pick in the losing effort. We turn our attention back to our game at CenturyLink field in Seattle a match up of two of the hottest teams in the NFL. The chargers had won four straight. Seattle had won four of five the Seahawks marched thirteen. Seventy five yards on the opening drive of the game took up more than eight minutes off the clock to take a seven nothing lead. The chargers would respond mounting an impressive. Drive of their own. It would turn out to be our Geico drive of the game. Here was the final play of the opening quarter to cap that. Geico drive rivers.