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The Bobby bones post show pre show, it's Monday after the radio show is over we Turner, Mike sauna just keep talking. Thank you my nose bleeding today because it's so dry out here to happen to you, Amy. I get a little of that happening. When I go to like, Colorado or man. Driving up here Manos can feel it it just feels like a waterfall starting to come to your nose. And I'm like, oh that's for. Sure. Blood take my finger under and it's just covered in blood. Yeah. You have more bloody nose issues than I do. Well, when I was a kid I used to wake up my pillow is covered in blood because we get so humid and trust me, I already I would say wasn't Mr. Cazenove at bloody noses all the time doesn't help. Yeah. Nosebleed bones. He can get me ladies. Although it wasn't bones, then bones and was like seventeen. Okay. Amy. I read the story and thought about your husband. Okay. What does that? That's right. Yes. Yeah. If you know a man with a pretty full beard. He's probably got small testicles interesting. Okay. That's what it says. Well, I mean, he's had a beard only the last like six years seven years. Oh, my goodness liar. We wow. What does this look was that say as I? Yeah. Men with beard have small testicles, wacky months shaven. I wonder I wonder why. why anybody in the wrong ideas. I want to be fun to be surprised by this modest goals. I don't want him to know. Oh my God. It's like, Emily master question. If we see again, a really big truck. Yeah. Like super big. What do you think? Honestly, what do you think? That's the saying is like he's trying to compensate. Yes. Don't think that I don't think because there it's just because it's a saying, I don't think that what do you think when you see a guy with a beard small? Well, no, I have never thought that in my line of who wrote the story, I just saw Amy road. No, those car like all those people that go nuts. Larry's knows are soap bunny. He behind one you laugh now whenever I pulled behind win. I'm like, I'm like disgusting. Yeah. What kind of person in the testicles? Friend or a wife and jeeze coal at the you having balls being down for me. Just tell you to a new level with balls every it's funny Storting's on it. I don't. So I would say this ranking up in the grossness of those terms testicles at the bottom nuts is in the middle and Amy went full balls, which is at the top like balls is. Like, I. Yeah. Okay. Fine. Testicles you can change your Alexa setting. So you won't be recorded. He said story where people go and listen to recordings. Oh, I mean, I guess that's good because some people that's why they don't want the Alexa in going on because she's she spying. It probably would be smart of Amazon and Meghan an option to turn the on feature. But for now, you must turn the off option that allows eavesdropping. So if you want to block that here's how you go to the Alexa account you choose Alexa privacy, then manage how your data improves. Alexa, turn off to they make an impossible. Gosh. Yeah. That's too much already. I'm like, okay, fine. Just by on me. Me too. You know, what I kinda gave up on that? I have an election bedroom in my living room. And I was like do I even care at this point. No, I get nothing happening. Why in your bedroom? What have you got a lady over? You're saying something unless goes, oh, what is that? That's a great point. I just never have ladies over sign. Right. Maybe it will change. The happens. But yeah, no, no ladies over. I guess anything you want to say, no. But do you have anything you want to say? Now, this is the time to share it like safe-space like what's most save around? Here. I learned longtime ago, it's not safe around here..

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