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And that was something that would have been almost impossible to anticipate but you know at the end of the day like a multitude of factors contributed to Odell Beckham being one of the biggest bus in all fantasy and he was one of the guys that like. You wanted to a keep betting on him. You know but the explosiveness wasn't there. You're the coaching staff did not do a good job in Cleveland. They were immediately fired after the season. Even even the the front office was was a rearranged of moved on from the GM John Dorsey so just a a multitude of factors. I think that he is going to be a really interesting guy to talk about. Twenty twenty I was thinking about where we're going to have them already. I was thinking maybe I think he just wears. ADP might be. I think he might be around that tooth return this year. Sure and he. He's probably a guy that's GonNa make a big difference in tilt a lot of fantasy legion twenty twenty based on how much draft capital how much draft capital took them. Yeah and we're going to buy some time the next month or so about the coaching changes. And we'll talk about what happens with the previous regime and what we think's GonNa happen with the next regime For them to not let todd. MFN Mahnken call plays at any point during the year when things were going sideways was why is crazy to me and I'm not I'm not saying Oh dulcie would have been different if monkey was calling plays but I would have at least like to find out you know what I mean so We'll see we'll talk more about coaches on a future pot I saw a one statistic on the browns. They scored more touchdowns. More I drive touchdown touchdowns in any team in the elitist I drive. And that's Todd Mahnken dialing up a script and then after that Freddie Kitchens had to call place and Dan you know just the the the bottom fell out on the browns yet Okay let's get to another wrong here and You know a lot of this can be blamed on injury right A Ben Roethlisberger was hurt in we two in. Of course I'm talking about Juju Smith Schuster. Juju Smith Schuster Two point one Sixteenth overall. We had him. I mean look Juju Smith Schuster so young. I think as soon as been rothlisberger gets hurt the entire offense just tanks right. QB play was absolutely abysmal tanked Vance McDonald and a tank. Dante moncrieff tanked himself. Probably well before. Ben Rothlisberger tank but when Mason Rudolph in Devon Hodges etc.. It's really hard to to have a big year. That said I think Jus Stock is going to sink like a stone ahead of twenty twenty even though he's very very young. So how much of what went wrong. Judy blame on Ben's injury in jujubes injuries in all the injuries that Pittsburgh's offense has in. How much do you think maybe we were just a little bit? You high on Juju in general now. I think that I mean Ben going out for the season in week to just totally I mean he wasn't. He wasn't just their quarterback like he ran the offense he hand picked after they got rid of todd. Haley he handpicked his quarterbacks coach Randy Fichtner you know and then all of a sudden randy fichtner had to like do do work with Ben Rothlisberger on the shelf and you know they tried to. You know there was a time where they ran like a bunch of trick plays like with tale and unlike the wildcat Jalen Samuels on having a big role and then you know they. They rotated out Mason. Rudolph when he stunk up the joint for for duck hodges and then codgers got hurt and they went back to Mason Rudolph you know it was just. It was an absolute disaster of a season for the steelers offense and and that was reflected in the trickle down effect of Ben Ross for going out and dealing with a lot of injuries to James Connor was was banged up a lot Vance McDonald. Donald was banged up but You know this offense just wasn't the same without without a quarterback catalyst and everybody felt the effects. I think that Juju Smith Schuster is an obvious obvious obvious by in dynasty in an obvious bounce back guy for twenty twenty you do have to worry about is. Is Ben going to stay healthy though. Yes so you know that'll that'll be. How we we have to weigh the positives and the negatives Juju Smith Schuster heading heading into next season? Yeah I mean there were times during the season the steelers weren't even running like a pro style. Offense they were trying to run like some might crazy like triple option like just total nonsense is out there and obviously have to disaster for June Let's get so one that we got right now is being higher than market on Amari Cooper. You had him at twenty first first overall on your top one fifty. ADP settled in around thirty two. Thirty three Amari Cooper played all sixteen games. But I thought down the stretch she really struggled with something was going on like nagging lower body in what sticks out to me. Is that week. Sixteen Eagles game were like everything was on the line. And they've rotating Amari Cooper out in favor of cave on Austin but overall you know you. Despite that kind of end of season mass. I thought it was marred. Cooper's best season you know seventy nine catches almost twelve hundred yards eight touchdowns and I think part of that or maybe. I don't know about chicken egg but Dak Prescott taking a leap forward also certainly made a big difference for Amari Cooper. But what's your take on Amari Cooper this past Twenty thousand season outlook going forward on. Amari yeah I was glad that we were. We were very high. On Amari Cooper. We stayed high on Amari Cooper even despite fight you remember during training camp where it came out that he was dealing with a foot injury in some places who was characterized as a torn plantar FASCIA. But Louis Don Dr Child here at pro football doc on doc on twitter. He said that it's just. It's something that he was at Amari. Cooper would be able to manage throughout the season. Maybe cost him some in practice time but unlikely to affect his production on the field. And it didn't and you know one thing that I I really liked to bank on for wide. Receivers is quarterback wide receiver established connections. You know on field chemistry. That's something that you know. I I should have factored in more to into Todo BECA because Baker may although it seems like he was GonNa work on paper. You know that that chemistry was not there it was there. which are Angie had a great year But in Dallas like That instant report that Dak Prescott Amari Cooper showed in the second half of the two thousand eighteen season carried over right into you twenty nineteen and he was a difference maker for the majority of the year. You Know I. He's his. The game is so perfect for doc because back is not an anticipation passer. Dak is a see it throw it passer like you can even look like you splits versus as main coverage and versus zone. He struggles against zone. He needs to see. See the route come open. And who's maybe the best route runner in the league. Amari Cooper you know they are just a match made in heaven. I hope for the cowboys sick. That them deciding to pays each doesn't cost them Amari Cooper because he's the perfect receiver for Dak Prescott. Yep and we'll talk doc. More about Amari Cooper as we get into free agency here but I agree I think Dallas has to make a huge priority lockup Amari cooper art. Let's get to one that we got wrong and this one You know is at least partially or mostly on me. I was high on devante Freeman. devante Freeman We had twenty Third Evans. Top One fifty I thought. Would vaunted the freemen having so much time off to get healthy with having Coleman gone with the offensive line being Renovated I thought that it was setting setting up perfectly for devante Freeman and this Atlanta offense score a lot of points is just inland was was unable to run the football they lost. Offense climates injury. But I think even if he was healthy he lost some work to judge Ito and it seemed like like the injuries that devante picked up or fears kind of caught up with him. He's not as explosive So a lot of regrets on devante Freeman out. What did you think happened to Devante this year yet? I mean you're we're also betting on an offense offense that you know we consider to be trustworthy in it was trustworthy. Assist the Falcons. They lost their first round. Pick Pick Chris Lindstrom a starting guard early in the season two to a an injury that cost him almost the entire year. And it's kind of a similar situation to what happened with David. Johnson like devante Freeman. Play two games in two thousand eighteen. He comes back he just stepped slower. You know he was not nearly as explosive in two thousand nineteen mm-hmm and you're right. He lost more work than anticipated to guys. Like you to Smith Later in the year. Brian Hill. They even try to involve Quadri Alison at times. And I mean he just he just wasn't the same guy. I think that the Falcons might look to the draft to replace devante Freeman outright. This offseason. Yeah he's only twenty seven years old you know it's it's it's doesn't sound old especially considering I'm thirty seven now but but but it's crazy man Twenty seven avenue looks like Devante Freeman is running low on gas at best but I also think that this falcons run game was kind of broken. You know like I remember that game with Brian Hill was Kinda like the the mega truck on decay and like Bryan. He'll never had a chance to get going either. So is what it is Art One that we got right was being very very low on Antonio Brown Internal Brown's ADP. I think by the end settled in around twenty two he was going before that For much of the Much of the earlier all Season Avenue had him at twenty nine and this was before actually any of your mental illness stuff came up right. This was all like on field football stuff where the reasons that you were low on on in Tony Brown the mental something start coming out until later in training camp after The top fifty and everything was already out Looking back to the on field stuff for Antonio Brown I know it's hard to separated but Why what went into you being low on Antonio Brad Sofa top of my head. I think you know Derek Carr is never been aggressive downfield passer. Antonio Brown is one of the best vertical receivers of all time and Ben Rothlisberger is one of the best vertical passers in the NFL..

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