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Staying in Europe. A narrow is one of Francis most respected shifts. He's appointed must ristorante Biak near command three Michelin Stars in Paris and talked. Tober the London restaurant. He's in charge of the lecture room and library at Sketch has similarly full three stars. Monaco Spain terrain also met the Star Chef at Murray House studio one to talk about towards the numerous Michelin Stars. Mean to him and he's cooking philosophy. Miami shouldn't it's too to catch product and the to quit the nudist. That's think is my senior so one of the reasons we're talking today about your sort of London restaurant you're with sketch and how you received a third Michelin Star for that restaurant last October. And I think I've got the right number now but I think you have sixteen Michelin Stars. Now all in total. Do you ever feel under pressure because of those Michelin Stars Autism? Is it not really no sometimes you? You can make a mistake for example. I was stopped because I forgot you address. I don't know exactly. What was the interview? Because if you're not a good organization demus is quicker they'll be doing it. Delta IOS unless don't one place on. They was down night in the kitchen. And when I had this opportunity to come in and done it was in two thousand and three the question. Buzzer to steal nest in my work. What is still next to deliver re DI emotion? That's it was my question and the adult. I'm not don't give where she to my chef just intention after I must express own emotion and that's it was really Christian because a the menu meals at cooke myself. The Guy was on me. They look at me as a scoped it. They don't do the student and semi. I don't understand where I wanted to go but I decided to say okay and To be honest I accept. This sketch was under euro. Because Sketchy Sir. It's big machine immediately wrote of success but did was like a nightclub to quit. The food was complicated and I mean we appeal of this story because you have now as a friend. We have a fantastic relationship and we have a totally different. But I accept the sanity of slime and the accent totally my way to go mcreavy ball Novia restore for me to dissension in the city. He's totally fatigue. But I will just to have good team and a chance. I had. Its to begin this kind of story after meals of three tutor because today more. I'm day surprised by CHEF. It'd be clear the open stone the For me. It was the possibility that again have autism experience because we have hoods. I'm the guy worked for me. I do Dembele. It's secure success. But they refund because every day you must reorganize a day because Sometime people of left the ball or under Montenegro. Changing you know business now. They want to provide either. And that's it's very difficult to know. At least you'll receive any new work in your story. Today is one of the the private live on the on. The works and Nissan is three. You must work and you walk her. When your opinion radiator and office of will that time spent in the kitchen? Is that still your favorite place to be or do you prefer to take a step back or is it really about being in the in the thick of it. The amount that being the kitchen for meets is very serious. It's a big gender. Toefl deaf told the quality. It's like those when you went though in this for me. It's reading enjoyment. It's company geared for the product. Life HE GONNA get twelve hundred dollar Bashan. You're like me Some chef stop because they don't accept these pressure the it's not the show. It's just a the honesty to give the best day after day issue redundant. I'm not I'm not. I'm not new. Dubai Yours yes but yes I like that. I don't believe that like that but it's not that soda. Is there anything specific at the moment? Maybe a part of the world or a restaurant that you'll really inspired by critics. I'm an stage. I've no time to get outside and do Bo. I know to names while in the mood. Lean in the people like for example a wrote over respectful for him but to Nestor. I'm of course I'm on my work though. I had a chance to leave which the Benin with my wife. She don't go for me but she don't do it but it's interesting because she's nobody. St- and She's another view of the world. You know when we will make me. It's difficult to look at outside. Your own. Business is so somebody come to fix him there today. Have no time to there to there and my wife. I don't people give me feedback of. We'll do the world guzzo final question. What are your future plans? You're going to a more restaurants you happy working with what you've got the moment though. Just we have project but never speak of about project because of project. You've everybody do The project now just to maintain that we have to be your next week by bus. Because my onus don't that's just my business but you'll do bottom like you don't like about into place it's joint do we. We will make them with that on for me. It's very apple. Don't to be on time and respect to my contract with them. What these do Kentucky's the two were the quantity and to maintain a domestic deal of the space for me. That's very important. Ya but not only the food. Death must have over of doors because restoring. He's not just the food. It's me dares make the defense Pierre gagnaire therein discussion with Monaco's Bay trails. And that's all for this edition off the menu for previous episode of this program. Go to Monaco's website soundcloud or apple podcasts. And remember to subscribe to the show that is automatically arrives onto your device every week for more food and drink stories. Check out our Menus Beatles show food neighborhoods is a special podcast that seeks to some of the world's most interesting cool narrow district's and premier every two state. This show was edited and mixed by David Stevenson. Louis Allen I am Marcus once again. We finish this broker with Edina silence recommendation. The track is by Brandon. Flowers it's called. I can change. Thanks for listening..

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