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Trouble inbounding the ball a lot of length of Nerlens Noel, who checks in and heal D up. Tucker's trying to hide in the right corner. At the time line. Right side Gordon on the trigger Rockets down one Sort of looking, looking, looking, looking looking just to call the final timeout for the Rockets. That's a long five count. Jeff Greene came up. Jeff Greene was right where you shoot a free throw from just inside the top of the key. James Harden was at the end before logo at half court. Jeff came up and said, it's screened for him and the okay. See defenders did a good job. They turn their back to the sideline. So neither player was open. Chris Paul was garden hard door was garden, Jeff Greene and James Gordon wanted to get the ball, the one of them When they weren't open. Mike D'Antoni came running down the sideline and took a time out greaseballs drive into the paint. Kick the shade. Gilda Sally's Enter If you're just joining us was good out of the right corner to give Oklahoma City a one point lead 10 for 103 With 13.8. Seconds ago, Rockets were out of timeouts and Elin Bonde sidelined, right? Now that move harden into the backcourt still being covered by a door. I think they're going to let James or just go on his own to get the ball just kind of isolated. The other three players to see whether hardened stays in the backcourt runs over there to get the ball. Okay, see by the way with two timeouts left. 13 point on the clock. No fouls to give here. Those three players that coach mentioned are on the opposite side of the floor from Gordon. They are below the foul line. Left side the silent, right. In bond from Eric Gordon. Upcoming throws it in the Green, who came to the right wing to catch it back to Gordon gives it a cutting house. He tripped on a whistle blows indicating a file on Oklahoma City at the foul line That's gonna put Houston on the line with 9.5 seconds remaining in regulation. It's going to be Daniel Hauser was in 81% free throw these four for four in the series when he's shooting at years and John Bassett He's missed one on the sand. Tonight. He's 1 to 5 for 756 in Siri's raises, shoots and hits double double for house Now 11 or 12 points 10 rebounds. He has tied the game of 100 for Gallo in four blue door. 9.5 seconds. Plenty of time for OK. Seeing as we mentioned they have two time outs. I imagine they'll use it, but you need to be ready. Just in case they go quick. He missed the second free throw and shooter leads to grab the rebound. Time.

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