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With lyndsey patterson from the cincinnati enquirer and bengals. Beat podcast hopefully. She's got maybe a couple more minutes so we can ask a couple more questions We were levin the time here. Appreciate that i guess. I want to back a little bit on the last question from john. They're a little bit. Because this roster has been made over a bit in the in the image of zac taylor and his other coaches And a lot of these guys haven't been here very long. Some of the guys who have been looked at as quote unquote locker room leaders are no longer here. Geo bernard just left this offseason. He was looked at as one. So i guess based on maybe some of your limited in person interactions in locker room. I dunno if access were. But i guess the lack of in person stuff over the past year or so. Who are some of the guys that you're seeing. Maybe step up as new leaders. I think john and i would say mike daniels. This guy has kind of stepped up in that role a little bit and speaking with him. But i mean are there others and or do you see for see. Some new faces kind of stepping up. Maybe as you mentioned. Jesse bates he guy that maybe assumes leadership role. I don't know. I love to kind of hear some of your predictions on that front. Yeah i would actually say jessie bates in just getting the chance to talk to him. I know we don't know what's going to happen with the extension. I feel pretty confident that that'll happen when the bengals normally do extensions in nets during training camp. I i'd say you look at him. And sam hubbard on the defensive side. And he's really taken a leadership role in. It's crazy to think because just your base is not that old. I'm flipping over to the other side on tyler boyd in new tyler boyd. Because one thing that always remember it was just a couple years. Though we're at training camps are doing in person interviews and in tyler what we were talking to one of the wide receivers and i don't even think the wide receiver made the team but tyler put his around. I mean he was interview. What the guy is bringing confidence. And we've talked about that a lot with them and he's he's gonna joked kind of being the older guy in the room when he's and he's not even that old. I mean there's a lot of young guys on this team. And i think that's what's really telling his the houston who's who's really wanting to step up and lead offensively and defensively I we stayed to be determined right now. I mean i gotta. I gotta see these guys warren and obviously get more access to when we're doing in person interviews again but at the moment i would say jesse basin that is not a bad guy to be leading on on this team right now. Offense of lean defensively in. It's always easy to say. The joe burrow Would be the guy but in the wide receiver on my definitely us. A tyler boyd. Right now in terms of not being that old like my co host told me earlier this week. Do not get old because of what happened to him. And i'm just like to look up jesse bases age real quick Hate to say that he's actually younger than me. So nothing. I'm entering that stage now but i lindsay. I don't remember the first game that i ever attended but we do some research around here. We found out that the first game that you've ever attended with your father was on an october afternoon. When a certain corey dillon rushed for nearly three hundred yards and broke the bengals rushing record. Now the ring of honor has been I it's obviously a thing this year is going to. It's going to populate a certain game to be determined. We know that. Paul brown nathan Inducted and we don't have the official is on this but we can assume that the cans can anderson riley probably the front runners to go in there. If there was a third nominee that you could vote in. Would it be corey dillon. For that experience or would it be someone else off of your head or would it be some to another to i in combination aside from the two kids. I'll say this about the ring of honor credit to the team for finally doing it. I i know we've talked about elizabeth blackburn in her role and and just kind of speaking to to my brown about this and how excited fans we're going to be and they're finally doing you can look back and say this should have happened years ago but i always say better late than never. It's exciting for fans. And i want to know when the next one is going to be because i think the next conversation is where it really gets interesting Throw chad johnson. You you mentioned corey dillon. Honestly if if there was a third one that they could vote on. I would say it would be willy anderson The guy is so underrated. He should he should be going into the hall of fame in and that will happen one day and obviously they have to praise their own players. I and the that may help some of these guys get into the hall of fame but can enersen ken riley not. My third would be williamson. No fence to corey dillon. Um his time will become into. I think that's just such a while. Corey such a wild story. I don't know when you guys when you became. What what year did you guys become interested in the bengals I'm i'm the old man here. So i will say i was like five the first while the second time they made the super bowl and eighty eight. So that's like one of the first football game ever. I remember watching. And that's kind of what sparked my interest in the team at my brother. Older brother was fan My name being anthony. There is an anthony munoz on the team. Obviously who ended up being a pretty decent football player so That was that was me. But i'm i'm an old dude so i can't speak for john. I mean i started watching this. Don't time with the bengals came to an end. But i don't remember ever watching like accordingly game live so i think i was more like consciously probably two thousand four like earliest memories of team. That's a good point. Because i was look i grew up in a football loving family joke about it all the time. If remember the titans was relived. I was the curly hair. Dad's water bottles one. My brothers played i. I really had no choice. I thought the cincinnati bengals were the only. Nfl team exists. So when i went to that game didn't know a whole lot. My brothers didn't want to go because the bengals were not very good at all. He's like do you want to go. And i thought yeah. Let's do this and had no clue you know everything was about to happen. I think kind of even going back on corey dillon's time had the chance to talk to him back in two thousand seventeen and you know unfortunately it ended in cincinnati. The way did you know it wasn't all happy. Happiness went when he left cincinnati. But i was just so happy to see him get success with the patriots and i think we'll the hall of fame conversation. It's fun i throw it out there. Sometimes i'm i'm a little scared when i do it when i say that..

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