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Of things ninety five unfounded any disabled vehicle north passing the Patapsco night ninety five Bucks listener might gave us the heads up eight ninety five harbor tunnel enter at your own risk all weekend long they have the northbound side close there's two lanes traveling both directions in the south bound therefore if anything happens you feel these big delays which that's what's happening right now there was a disabled vehicle within the tunnel now was is the operative word Maryland state highway said they have removed that vehicle and cameras can tell us that we are seeing the southbound now moving once again Mike said it was about a forty minute delay hopefully things will lose that loosen up just a reminder the fort McHenry tunnel is wide open in ninety five is moving well thing to note on Maryland two hundred the ICC is closed in the westbound direction for the weekend they're doing homework do you have a detour posted between ninety five and twenty nine and it's quite enough currently that's not costing you a lot of extra time to seventy running north Rockville and Gaithersburg watch appears both directions we have crash reported to we nail that down you're finding anything on an open road way across the Potomac all around the belt when crossing the Potomac both in Maryland and Virginia I have nothing to report to you there and ninety five Virginia for three ninety five to ninety five Woodbridge Dumfries want to go all the way to Fredericksburg running well in both directions in this drive report is brought to you by circle K. at circle K. every Cup of coffee is ground fresh that means for a mouthwatering split second circle K. coffee is actually truly the freshest.

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