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Other than that it is what it is. It's whatever by the way church wasn't the only guy to do basically a strip tease sergio. Romo who now pitches for the as the guy used pitch for the giants yup briefly to laura last year but he he came off the empire question. I mean he basically just started taking his clothes off. Yeah dropped his pants right. Look i got nothing to hide. Take and these help pires or go. Relax relax but i got joe girardi story okay good. You're not a hotel. We stand in a dallas based about asia. That great one had the starbucks right next to the lobby. Yup i'm in line of starbucks. Get my cappuccino down there. And i turn around right next standing right next to me. Joe giradi at our hotel. The yankees in town and i guess. He was staying in a hotel. Did he know who you were tall. Black guy. I guess but as far as a basketball player i doubt it but i knew he was and i was so star struck. I wanted to say. Hi joe big fan of yours that like the yankees probably anyway say nothing but i was thinking mace are. What's the most famous person you guys have. Stood next to in line and turn around notice was. Let's let's that's a really interesting. Let's do that next and then we're giving away another four pack of tickets to see To join me for mason's movie night at the regal cinemas in west covina on july the eighth for a special advance screening of black widow. We will do that at three thirty. Not my game today have screwed up too many games. John is going to do the game. No it's my no no. It's mike it's he's talking to different game. Mike little giveaway and michael thompson game a game taylor mason ireland seventeen espn. I'm always there. She is natalie imbruglia who i just went to a twitter page has a brand new single. That has just come out so she still out there making records and trying to do it. Although it's going to be really tough to top that one at the moment she we put her in the category of one hit. Wonder now. michael. You asked a question. Michael thompsons hanging out with us today. You as who's the most famous person you've ever bumped into in line bump just bumped into just turned around and realize that person right wasn't right there right next to go. That's so. And so. So i got in line at a duane reade and new york city and wasn't really paying attention and all the sudden i noticed in front of me at the checkout j. Lo with steven tyler. Whoa wow gather. This was when i think they were judging idol or x factor or one of those shows but there was jaylo looking jaylo and steven tyler with his scarfs. Were like seven or eight scarfs around his neck. But i was like damn. That's those are the. That is a really big. Yeah those a level there. I'll say biggest listeners. Create quite a commotion real. You know what they came and went without anybody even saying in in new york. They do not care if you're famous in. La they care in new york they could give a damn if you're famous. It's a different attitude about celebrities in in new york. John you kind of not fair for you because you you play golf with famous people and your famous. So and i've interviewed a lot of famous people but michael you're talking about somebody just rain into right now. I got two of them so one time. I'm in detroit. Working a ducks playoff game between the ducks and the red wings. This was early in my run. At cal and i came around the corner in like the arena down by the locker rooms and i wasn't watching where i was goin' and i slammed right into this girl and i went. I am so sorry she goes and she looks at me and she goes. Don't worry about it. And i look up and it's on a corner. Cova wild like at the height of her of her fame. And i go i i said to myself towards. She's gonna think i did that on purpose. Wow she's that good looking mesa. You've heard me tell this story a million times. The other one was there useful. We were we were together. No no the other one. I i don't i don't know what you're talking about about your wasn't didn't you have. Oh that was sharapova. You had a moment with on the red card. Yeah the and yes she was. She was a good sport about things but one time there used to be this restaurant in century city called dive named after submarine. And you walked in and your dr darvin. You're you're it sounded like a submarine going up. So i watched side waiting for lisa and i'm looking at my phone. I'm not paying attention. And i bump into stephen spielberg. Whoa and i go. Oh sorry about that. He goes no problem. I go hey steven spielberg and then. I had nothing to say so. This came out of my mouth meeting the greatest film director in history. Like your restaurant because he owned dive dive. Yeah he goes. Thanks that was it. That was my one chance to talk to steven spielberg. And i told him i like. I got a script. you read it on my trump. yeah everybody in l. a. Somebody said that to get five minutes with you. I know i've got a hit or hey lindsay. Who has to randomly. Who's famous mine would be when i was. I don't know if you can briefly. Bumped into him is the word. But when i was working super bowl The one when it was in minnesota and me and some of my friends from work we're hanging out in the hotel lobby and we all worked at nfl network at the time but they put most of us in the same hotel. But anyway i went over to the little snack area of the hotel where you can have the coolers with the drinks and snacks and stuff and jim brown locks in new with his daughter and i noticed them and i said to my friends was credited. Jim brown no one else recognized him. I recognize them. So i went over there and talked to him as like wished brown. You're the greatest ever. I would really love a picture with you. And he was like ok. okay. And i'm from cleveland. So he took a picture with me but my eyes were closed in the picture. Still mad about it to this day. That's pretty cool. jim. Moret what about you i used to do. The lakers pre game show Back then so it was martinez and me we broadcast from that floor level behind one of the one of the baskets. I remember that. And i remember. I'm packing up. You know because we used to take this unit to broadcast whatever. I'm packing it up. I'm waiting for people to pass by. And then i see david beckham. Two of his kids walk. You know walking towards me. And i'm like and i'm like oh i just wanted to say a huge soccer fan i didn't i. He's with this case now. no way. yeah that's pretty quick. it was david beckham's like mine however won t. One time in the lakers pressroom. I look i. it's not paying attention to any. I'm oblivious to most things around me. And i look up in. There is kim and Kanye and i was like i mean those are like significant celebrities that i read about and hear about all the time. Kim and connie was kind of stunning. And i still regret not asking for a photo with kim. That would have done wonders. It's amazing about that is. We're talking about her last year at some point. And you said. I've never talked to kim kardashian and i went. What are you talking about. We've had her on the show two or three times..

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