Gaming Fixx LOTR #31 6/26/20 1sts in Gaming - burst 29


Who preached him but someone. In in the community Beasley said. Hey I'M GONNA. Give you one hundred dollars, but I want you to spend it on Wants you to put it into Black owned business specifically in gaming, and he likes board games in the SARPI Jeez. So I, gave him all of the links that we've been talking about. I talked to him about the the bundle. The seventeen hundred bundle I talked to him about the drive through RPG bundles I told them about that if he wanted you know black owned gaming content than he should go to black the debt or should go back in the deck. owned and operated by solar gray, a friend of the show. I told him. Because he preferred to be called. The cinematic wizard and set becomes tonight. I of Right. Amount of wizard a right, but you know. That's his driver's license. What you licensor, Gray, manabe, driver license, either but anyway. So I started a little projects trying to find. Stuff for my friend, and I thought well. If I do that, it'd be great for the community to let them know what they could get and support a black owned. A Business Ga Gaming! The. Are Available so I'm GonNa Kinda give little little. I found here. That's the twitch. Article that I had, and this is from Afro Tech. And I'm just going to give a little list of the Man, sting. Does this weird thing where? Oh here. Okay so you just have to click the right thing. Okay, so basically They give like five different games. And one is black history trivia. From urban intellectual. And Urban Intellectual Black History Trivia cards features the deck of fifty two cards full black history, facts and test your knowledge. There's trial on triumphs. Which is It's created by criminal defense attorney. April prayer just us. junkers, Junkies, trial and triumph

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