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I will get better on gave us through it all right. I'm going to step right in here. Gimme idea from the dugout. When i should swing about that ready just give me a one two or three. Because i can't see damn thing here man. This is tough. These you know with the elbow pads the hand peds alonzo's cut a a on his bottom hand. Did you see that. Yeah they all. These guys have the shoulder pads. And what i wanna know. Even all really started with barry bonds when he showed up there he basically looked like a transformer would've gotten to the box. I mean that thing on his arm that went shoulder to his fingertips that he would put on there. And ever since then. It's gotten the crazier and crazier all right. Let's go to. Thomas is back. What's up for dominance good morning. Hey guys good morning how you doing all right man. What's going on you know hanging. Hey i just wanted to say man. Please touching the money. You guys that i know you guys are excited about the next man. I have a and you got to keep talking about this and i. I don't want us to go down there. And what do you think at. This point is foreign to the season where they are. What do you think could happen. That they drop into one of those playing seeds and then don't get a real playoff series is average. You're thinking man. I don't know this man Ever since ever since we have you know this guy. He became a yankee fan and gangqi talk. That's the afternoon guy. Yeah that guy spank. But i don't think we're dominance right of that in that regard but renamo you also have to remember that we have been talking about the nixon's the beginning of the season. Gregg is a not a case of a nick fan. I've actually lost my nick bandmann toilet. Actually it was brought back this year. And we've been talking about tom. Thibodeau in talking about jewish renner all year long..

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