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Jill and yang hijack callahan's fox news president trump has arrived in china it stopped number three on his asia trip going to step up the international pressure on north korea joining us live from seoul fox's john decker with more the president told south korea's national assembly all countries must join forces to isolate korea cannot tolerate that menace of a rogue regime threats with nuclear devastation in beijing is did she and his during his twoday visit the president i see it take a harder line ninety percent of its trade jack thanks john democrats say it's a referendum on the president's policies two key governor races go to go to the democratic candidates in tuesday's election so murphy winning in new jersey and we are better murphy beating kim good donald who has served as lieutenant governor under governor chris christie in virginia lieutenant governor ralph norris obese gop challenger at gillespie yes the device democrats may also take control of the virginia house of delegates former major league baseball pitcher roy halliday being remembered by friends and teammates one of the greatest baseball he would walk in a room as if he is anybody didn't matter who we may he would kind generous that's pasco county sheriff chris knuckle halliday a twotime cy young award winner killed tuesday when his small plane crashed into the gulf of mexico fox news very balanced.

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