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Oh, no, It's all good. That sounded comically loud, okay? E got a good one for you. Yeah, that were Beverly Goldberg. Watch that show the Goldbergs. I don't but that you're the second person to nominate her. Oh, yes, She is a nickname for her is the smother She just smothers the kids, Especially the young one at me. Yep. That's the kind of Yep. That's the kind of mom that would drive me nuts. I had one too. Yeah. So you know? Yep. Do you have a vote for best? Mm e got to go with her for the better for the best. Mom. Yeah, that's not worse. And in a good way. Oh, You know, I'm kind of stumped right there. I don't know. Maybe the mom from Boy meets world I loved her. Oh, boy, I don't remember her enough. Yeah. All right, Rob, Thanks for your call. You know, that would mean like that Showing? No, but like I didn't watch it weekly and I don't remember it enough. Oh, what would your opinion be? About the mom from Malcolm in the middle. Chained craze, Merrick, right? I mean, she was He was funny. Yeah, And that's another thing Like if you wanted to. You could vote on this. Whatever your own, you know criteria is if you want to go with, just like most entertaining, she would have been way up there. She was just like she was very put upon. But I think she tried really hard like she was like, probably realistic version of a mom like with her husband there, reading the newspaper standing up while she shaves his back, right? Exactly right. Just the nonsense that moms have to go through. It's a pretty good representation. Candis and Toms River. You're on New Jersey 11.5. I got a man Can't this Just wanted to let you know. I just wanted to share. Sorry that this is Huxtable. Claire Huxtable was the best mom ever hands down on the woman is not nothing, a sitcom and everybody's been naming sitcoms. But the game of phone thirsty Lannister. Evil.

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