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The economic guy he is a liberal democrat and he's trump's economic advisor and don't ask me how he's there i would guess jared kushner uh showed ben trump on her nauseam as a goldman sachs guy no trump knows these new york people but he's a liberal democrat and he's the guy you're the tumor suppressor whoa gert cohen was guru director coal considering all the way in which we may be involved in repair yes so an hour ago politicos says top white house aide seeks to clarify us stance and paris what did clarify we were out of it trump has announced it twice there was an announcement and there was an actual maneuver we actually signed some thing that took us out of it obama and put us in it we actually signed to remove ourselves from it i thought it was a done deal now all of a sudden this thing bubbled up to the surface again and here's what the politico says during a breakfast meeting in new york city on the sidelines of the united nations general assembly white house national economic council director gary cohn sought to clarify the us stance after report the trump administration plan to remain in the paris they all sparked some confusion director cohen told about a dozen international energy ministers that the us was prepared to withdraw i thought we already have if it doesn't secure better terms i thought we weren't trying to get bad thought we had pulled out of this this is according a to people present at the meeting who asked for anonymity to discuss the private meeting the sources added that director corn offered few details on what precisely the us once but he stressed the administration wants to continuing gauging with other countries on energy and climate issues broadly we are withdrawing and we made that as clear as it can be i don't know how to say it any more clearly that's what i fought folks cohen said that according to a third person we are withdrawing hits clear they're negotiating it's clear that trying to get it's clear they wanna to this thing this thing i'm gonna tell you what it is it's nothing it doesn't commit anybody anything it's nothing but a and it's a bunch of pages of nothing it's it's the.

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