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It's twenty one trivia questions on live action movie stars as written by luke mckay. This is trivia would bud stone the only it be. Ooh that's me opening. Hey sparkling half tea half lemonade from spin drift one of my favorite sparkling waters waters and welcome to another episode of the trivial buds podcast. I'm your host ryan buds. Thanks for checking out my show. I'm recording in a different room in my house. Today's over here click clack check in on the ground that is my dog romeo and his long nails just creeping around looking around finding some stuff and this is a fun episode. Today guys is this is a twenty one trivia question episode. Usually we do like ten or eleven or fifteen or five sometimes but today we have twenty one questions and and they're all written by luke mckay who is a pretty awesome friend of mine from australia that listens to the show and loves trivia. Luke sent me some <hes> very cool questions on live action movie stars so these are all like i think they're all animated characters that then made the transition to live action films stuff like fat albert and mr magoo and yogi bear and things like that so he took a character from a live action movie and gave you a a year and you have to say who played the live action version of that character in that year. I thought it was a real clever. Episode and i'm going to have fun trying to figure out some of these myself today. I wanted to remind you that we are donating all the patriots on subscription donations to the communities of al paso texas in dayton ohio ohio for the month of august so if you are a patriot subscriber know that your money's going into some great community organizations you can find out more info at the link in the show show notes of this episode and monday's episode where we did some trivia about the cities of el paso and dayton and as always our heart in our hearts in my house my household go out to everybody who is affected by the tragedies and mass shootings that constantly keep happening in the u._s. As a trivia host i wanted to try and shed some light on that and the good things that have happened though cities so go back and listen to that episode on monday if you missed it and feel free to donate donate more money the link in the show notes and thanks for your contributions for that. I think that's gonna be a really cool thing we can do. Shout.

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Luke Mckay, Ryan Buds, Dayton discussed on Trivia With Budds

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