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Woman just out of rehab had opened twelve pack of beer come a child in car comma deputies say just got out of rehab opens a twelve pack with a kid in the car and gets pulled over insurers use just holding it for our friend don't judge to great point was her kids and the kid woods was underneath the child's feet cory of the palm beach post way here's what makes it even so sad only nine of the twelve beers were in the case and yes he was in rehab for a drinking problem is it didn't take her now she was arrested on charges a dui if she failed the roadside sobriety test child neglect sad sad sad story getter the help that she needs and let dave do the drinking a not driving guys dave carol who thank you guys so much chris on the board i am lethem baron this is gauge eighteen keep it to him for the ron a waste report i think you're but nominal hope one of the bath uruquay round you wouldn't fight for this country if you're like all of hope camdessus natural hey j o h n traffic from the tilton autobody traffic desk there's severe traffic alert with down wires if you're traveling in forestville along the gravity einstein highway so all lanes are blocked east and westbound ravenstein highway just west of mira road for vacaville there is a traffic alert issued four eastbound eighty it is absolutely jammed between meridian avenue and dixon avenue all because of some trimming going on in the centre divide the left lane is blocked if you're traveling in the fan francisco at not a problem for you the metering lights are all greens just some sluggish traffic westbound off the upper deck of the baybridge whether wise is another chilly day around the bay area taking a look at some current temperature is forty nine in san francisco we are at fifty four in san jose right now fifty.

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