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We're going to talk more about this at five forty this morning with ABC's Ryan burrow. It's a polar vortex. I don't even know what that is polar vortex. That is going across the midwest right now and the temperatures. That we're going to talk about our something people in southern California pretty much can only imagine short of being from the midwest and experiencing this maybe in the past. And I don't know that it's ever been this cold. But I I can't even imagine when you talk about zero being balmy. We've got a problem democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal and Republican Senator Chuck Grassley of introduced a Bill to make sure the public gets to see findings of any special counsel investigation. Blumenthal says the special counsel transparency act is about a simple bipartisan principle that of the public's right to know. Now, the Bill would require that every special counsel completes a report with findings in evidence and directly discloses it to congress and the American people the author and self help speaker known for founding project angel food in LA has announced a democratic bid for the presidency. Marianne Williamson finished fourth in two thousand fourteen in the congressional primary. She says America needs a fundamental disruption of it. So. Pathak economic order in a new ABC news Washington Post poll fifty six percent of registered voters say they definitely won't vote for President Trump. Mike Cohen with the numbers crunching blog fivethirtyeight says there's no good way to spend a number like that. They don't ask that question all the time. So we have sporadic data there. But that number peaked at about forty five percent for Obama in twenty eleven the poll was conducted last week before the shutdown ended, a thirty Republicans told the pollsters, they'd like to see an option other than Trump for next year's election. Several marijuana dispensaries have been operating as churches to dodge a citywide potshot Bannon. Now Ambra the church of manteaux on Garfield avenue has been open about nine months now, this is a legitimate place. Where we help people were nice are kind and we have good products. And it breaks my heart that were not wanted here. The pot. Shop doesn't have any side Jau fraud, just an old SAT prep facade. But workers say they get up to three hundred new customers week because pot shops aren't legal in Alhambra. This woman says there's always a. Fear of getting rated other people who've been with us for like three or four years move around. All the time worker say some members of the city council petitioned the ban on their behalf and the store will stay open as long as it. Cam. Monica Rix, KFI news LA county sheriff's officials in Norwalk are trying to take the drag out of a school officials say e cigarettes have become dangerously popular in junior, high and high schools LA county sheriff's captain, Jim Tate tro, says an educational campaign is targeting parents and teachers we want them to pay attention to how a kid appears if the appear a little bit different than normal, or if they're acting a little shy or their eyes are red and watery says some kids are vaping right in the middle of class. The Elliott school district is expected to call for a moratorium on new charter schools. The board said to give final approval today for the deal that ended the teacher strike. The deal says the superintendent must report back in ninety days with a plan to seek authorization to stop new charter schools from opening in the district. Some members of the school board are pro charter, but the union. Yeon says they drain resources from other schools the first and last mile at some metro stations might be easier to travel metros. Joshua shank says the agency is partnering with ride hailing company the to test and on demand service. That's picks people up and drops them off at three stations. Hope is that this is a model for how we might provide. These types of services everywhere, if it works from a financial perspective of people are using it. Then we definitely looked to expand. The pilot program is a year long, and it will take place at the Monte artesia and north Hollywood stations and Roseanne says her reboot was booted because of anti-semitism the comedian and former television star says her sitcom was canceled because of her support for Israel ABC dropped the reboot of the Roseanne show last may after bar tweeted racist remarks about a former advisor to President Obama speaking at an event in Jerusalem yesterday, she also criticized Hollywood liberals and admitted to trolling her critics online with fake accounts. And she said her Hebrew name is Shane ripka and said just like kids have imaginary, friends, so. So did she but hers was God. And she talked to him all the time. Michael krozier KFI news when we come back. We'll talk with ABC's Aaron Katersky. The acting attorney general says the Mueller investigation is close to being completed. So any leaks of what was found.

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