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I call charlie. And patrick mcguire. Box editor of the times patron mcguire. So what do we think what we think storm is likely to go while we were slightly tim ship out of saudi blindsided last week when he did six not terribly enlightening questions on low weight convictions. Which actually did after six questions manage to elicit an apology for boris johnson. Which was a bit of a surprise. What do you think you'll go on this time. So thinking in the labor leaders office or what's left of it. is that matt hancock. Revelations have basically low at the ball for for questions stories etc on covert so it wouldn't surprise me if they revived some of this stuff form kovic it. Contracts for instance has a real feeling that now labor can not to diminish the importance of these stories but sort of take out the trash that they failed to cut through also schools is obviously a big issue and given it's the battling spam by-election tomorrow. Maybe we'll see a couple of questions on foreign affairs. And i doubt it. I don't think labor would want to lean into the idea that they are clients. Do go to george galloway. But i reckon cove it schools miscellaneous is probably at least you like some of the party of tried to various times. Get cloning thing going and so far at least the reaction from the public seems to have been largely. There was a crisis on you. If you can't help it ends all stands bit complicated. But the matt. Hancock thing personifies that cabinet minister and his lover who was on the payroll. Yes and it's not phrase one roof for them. Right as you say. Matt hancock is the living embodiment of that perception of dole's thunder the cova contrast you can also picked it up also the revelations Yesterday of the new quarantine policy. Not just for the uefa bigwigs. As the times of you'll do the week but for businessmen who are making high net worth transactions for the for. The good of the economy wouldn't surprise me. Storm tide all of those together. We just keeping an eye on the The house accumbens and Lindsay holy the common speakers making statements will be a few minutes before we get to the first question. Warn warn backbench question before we get to kiss donna case tom. You mentioned the fact that he's the thinking in his team to the team left director. Communications gone deputy excommunications gone. He's political director. Jedi chapman's been moved. Chief of staff has gone. What what do we think. Sort of kissed arma two point zero. We'll look like i think there is the main critique you hear from labor people was the inexperience of that team. I think i think the the main difference will just be a certain shortness. I think he will. Label will comment on things quicker. They will often. You know you've been here. The question is will hang on. This thing happened today. Go labor no worries. Kissed on. I think in the immediate term it will just be to get back on the pitch So it wouldn't surprise me if we had a a shop said of punchy topical questions from kissed on this week we can The last couple of bortles kick things off by saying he wants to congratulate gareth southgate and his team on the two nil win against germany women. Not the first time. The team have beaten germany fifty five years in a knockout game. We wish him all the best against ukraine on saturday. We're hoping against hope this time finally football is coming home. That took all of about eight seconds before boys johnson brought that up is interested in the interaction between football and politics because if if england win will have an impact on sort of public moods and politics. Well i mean harold wilson. I won't throw this red box. Joe haines harold. Wilson's for press secretary sent me a very angry email saying this isn't true but you know. How a wilson allegedly thought so. When england were playing germany. I think it was in the nineteen seventy will cook. He was desperate for polling day. Not clash in case they lost and and he subsequently lost the election or depress turnout. You know. I think england in the euros with a basically full stadium at wembley would regardless of anything else. That's happened sort of sort of chime with boris johnson's whole summer of unlocking knock on some level. Though i think every some of the some are for the prime minister. But yes. I think that's a buoyant irrepressible optimism will. It'll be a good budget from out. And it was on the eleventh. Isn't the let we've got a long way to go yet. But i see coming what a week before restrictions be lifted. The weather my even improve. Suddenly things might be suddenly looking a bit looking better. We are waiting to go live to the house of commons case stopping stomach..

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