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Me is in the box. Bruins last power play. Kobe was awful. I mean for a good power play. It was absolutely is a lot of individual plight. It was very tentative when they're on. They whip it around as well as anybody in the NHL. Berge Harada tapes again, but we'll get Bergereon toss marchant will try and he's been thrown out of a lot of draw favors are on. Cam Ward's, right? Chicago wins at work. Tap to rally behind dalstrom using a glass sheets. It all the way down. I'll tell you. What that almost went over the glass that's about a half an inch, right? Above the blue line from going over and being another penalty for the Blackhawks. Bruins reengage posture. Knock rumbling down the wall all the way around behind the fireside into the slot for Berge, Iran. Couldn't pull the trigger down a March, the dry Wakai golf stroke and right to they'll skate it to center ice, it shoot it down to Rask and Billy. It seems like the Bruins are looking off the shot, and they're looking for that next path and extending into trouble right now as they're not able to get anything through to Cam ward. I got about it usually perjure on. We'll take that shot that you're referring to right there. The brusque is on. He has the puck goes rink wide. And now left-wing it's pasta setting up the left point on the power play midway through it grew fix the past to the right quarter. Marshon across the posture. Knock Saad block the shot goes right back to posture. Knock along the left wing boards trying to escape side. Good Seabrook's there to clean it up and he'll clear. Nice battle level there from veteran. Seabrook. And then he gets the head up. Billy and uses the middle of the ice to clear that thing rather than jamming up the wall forty left on the power play to two game in the winter classic in the third period. Back the Carlson for the Bruins bouncing it. In front Murphy down to one need a glove at toward the line. Keeping it in force back Carlson for the Bruins along the near side passing it up top the crew left side, the board shooting that's blocked on its way yet. Krueger can't clear it goes to create you right wing side. He left on the power play. Great looking interior nasty. Get Auburn the shot from behind in his swallowed by Cam ward. David Krejci manning, the right while the right hand shot feeds one out to danton Heinen who's a lefty..

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