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Shake myself plan let me out for one more thing yes sir yeah we're talking about a different league i don't think report tino could get in the right now i don't know losses just an opinion thing like these guys are telling me what's going on but i don't think the leadership of the sec would let rick pitino coach i i totally agree and guess what paul when my alma mater loses friday night to an sec mizzou in nashville okay on friday night and we're looking for a new coach which hopefully way our saturday morning early i wouldn't take a flyer i'm rick potato and i want to win more than anybody but you've got to draw a line and when people say everybody's like there'll said i'm paraphrasing darryl said everybody does it everybody does that seventy esque paul i i have i will never watch college sports again when somebody went when when god comes down from the heavens and says when everybody cheats in college sports i'll never turn it on again that's not the case and we know that but you know let's move beyond that and i think you know thad matta i thought was the reach there's a little bag is there too by the way for georgia but yeah look i'm like daryl i'm going to win but but if what caused paul what cost well you know if i'm going i i happen to think a lot of coaches cheat i'm not mentioning by by league or definition i talked to a coach she other day who told me he thinks seventy percent of basketball coaches cheat now what is cheating though okay.

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