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A badly precisely security and a new way to uber someone else everywhere it's tuesday june twenty seven and this is crunchers hey folks stolen let him zero anthony hall anthony got picked a joint ulan musk on mars for a special feature and tito well nobody seen or heard from him since he posted this cryptic message it has been a long fruitful gray when it handed in with that tito man i don't know what i'm gonna do with them but i do know what to do with today's tech news so let's get into it of course the more connected we become the more vulnerable we are just a month after wannacry reports are emerging that another major ransomware attack is hitting around the globe it's believed that the attack is impacting ukraine spain france russia and india and these countries and likely more places around the world governments and businesses are being locked out of their own machines as hijackers demand payment typically in bitcoin it's going to take everyone a while to sort this all out and we'll bring updates later this week as they emerge i'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that target like walmart is pretty scared of an amazon whole foods hybrid a future omni channel marketplace control by amazon or i guess we could go with holes on that would be able to beat both legacy players at their own game so to stop there from happening each company has adopted its own anti amazon strategy for walmart the game plans been pretty simple buying brands mud cloth moose jaw but nobody's target on the other hand is being a bit less subtle the companies launch an home delivery service called target restock designed to compete with amazon prime pantry to deliver boxes of essentials to consumers next day.

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