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As big an issue I. Mean I guess it depends on. You know how much you believe. The testing in the numbers reported. Yeah like so that general like. Oh my God I need to be super serious, really cautious here. Like. Quite settled in I. Don't I don't know if that's good or bad thing It's hard to gauge whether. It's hard to gauge his haughty except united something even going around, but you can catch almost feels unbelievable. Is this really. Is this really happening? And this identify heard the band Bombay Bicycle Club. Here with Statman yeah and. His Song is real. They keep playing that quite a while acquired by law. Is it real and it just feels like yeah, is it real? Is. Yeah when you on the front line and you know seeing. The director. Impact. Is is a difficult thing to Applying its he life. Yes, is is a strange one. Room have you had like any friends or family? That might've had like a scare. Luckily. Luckily off. How about you if you had? Let me, see no, like not really close, but like A. A friend's husband's uncle passed away in Toronto. Doodoo, to it. And otherwise like some of the people I talked to They had friends that were like down with it for like a week or two I don't think I. Don't think I talked with anyone who lost anybody but I've talked to people. At least two may have had it for all they know like. You know they just got super sick from like imbed At least one person like had that will like losing your sense of smell and your sense of taste. 'cause to me like I mean. Some of the symptoms are just like your basic like lots of things right like having a call for your throat or Whatever's on alike. I mean I could just be like a bad day I mean here. Was the air pollution like I have that off and on depending on how bad the errors so! Like since I got here in March from Thailand. I felt off probably half a dozen times like just run down or sore throat or stuffy nose, or and I just feel like Is this the beginning of like a terrible two weeks or Maybe not. Yeah I. Mean That's the thing right because so many like. Some people just don't show any signs. Obviously, other people get incredibly six. Oh Yeah was interesting. Talk some people like them. One of the episodes recently posted. Was a woman in. Prague? Just before really hit their like she was down out for like a week or two, and she went to her doctor, but the testing regulations there were basically like. Unless? It was pretty much a guarantee that you were. You that you had it, they didn't test you for. The doctor was like look. He probably have like pneumonia or some sort of viral infection..

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