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Radio dot com. Apple podcasts or wherever you get your shows. It's for 28 for traffic and weather together on the eights. Here's Claire Lane that a couple of tip coals from our tip line about some issues. An Evergreen Park, a couple of stalled freight train. Well, whether it's once told free trim, but is blocking portions of 103rd through the Evergreen Park area in the vicinity of 99. So if that is normally you're cross point over the tracks. So you might want to consider an alternate this afternoon to sounds like people are getting pretty stuck in this. You are also pretty stuck if you're coming about on the Kennedy. Unfortunately, we had a pretty bad crash at Randolph blocking the two center lanes. I don't got to the scene as it was right downtown. They cleared it. You still looking at 50 minutes? Oh, here into the Jane Byrne. That's 30. Solid off the junction, Kennedy out 17 to Montrose. Safe or in the express 37 to O'Hare up part of the evening's 22, But about is a half a Knauer solid from Dempster's like Old times about Eisenhower, 40 to Mannheim 53 23 90 51 coming in from the 3 90 32 from Mannheim. The Stevens has been sort of stop and go all afternoon. Up on now. 42 hit the tryst. It's 55 minutes. The veteran slower on the inbound right here. 57 from veterans 28 from 2 90 for the roadwork will sell you down today 35 both ways in and out from ever rode cause you're down to Elaine Outbound Dan Ryan 35 Inbounds 23 What a busy 57 out 18 Knowing about issues. Bishop Port is 20 in 20 out between 80 94 The Dan Ryan Next traffic report for 38 news Radio 7 80 what a 5.9 of them back in the forecast tonight's comfortable evening with a low of 55 of the suburbs 66 downtown. And of our plenty of sunshine with a high of 88. Saturday Sunday,.

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