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You can't oh I didn't know that I I've been using and just have to use apple's messages you for for SMS right. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah you can. You can use it on on Apple. The here's why I don't use signal I remember. Now it's time to a phone number for a normal person. That's fine but if you have if you like. Kevin and maybe me and you have more than one phone. It's no good. You Bernard Phone Leo you just. This is the one on my bedside table. Most of the game I keep my school. Google voice account around just for having that burner number and an account and texting system. That you know what I'll give that out to the public so if I use the google voice number then I could put signal on every phone and just say Oh. It's this number. This is it's number. I don't think that work. I have a separate number for both. I have my so you have to signal accounts. That'S THE PROBLEM. You have one free phone number. I only use signal. You can only do it to your main numbers. That's that's the problem if signal. Look what we just need apple messages with Android Support. We need something that works on. Irs and Android That has a desktop client. That's not tied to a phone number. Frankly that to me is a privacy issue with signal. I don't know why they do that because I know they published a couple of documents recently outlining how they're aware of that buried condition and how it is an issue for a lot of people to join up and it is something. I know the number and they have a way. They've come up with might actually work but they needed to get it implemented in right now. I think they're more concerned about that. New Trust Act or whatever the hell it was that was looking to circumvent and the earning act. Oh yeah that's the name. It's Ernie is more clever than I than I thought I could give. Congress credit for because Congress and the Department of Justice and every government in the world is trying to eliminate end to end encryption. Their position is oh no law enforcement needs to be able to know everything you're doing or we can't stop child pornography or terrorists or whatever. The offensive flavor of the month is but the but the problem is at least in the US. They've done it in Russia they've done in Australia. They've done it in Sweden They've done it in many countries where they say. No no you can't have end to end. Encryption it's up to the signal or whoever you're GonNa make an a plain text version available on forsman if they ask for it. They can't do it in the US because people like us. We'll get up arms so they thought they were clever. Oh we gotta I know will threaten to withhold section to thirty protections the ones that say not responsible for the content on your website your blog you know the the comments on your blog or the videos on YouTube. You're not you can't go to jail or be sued for those because you're just a carrier but they say if that protection you have to earn it by. Yeah you gotta earn it. By following quote best practices in terms of encryption or just in terms of offering your best practices but what they're really team has encryption and who is the final arbiter best practices. Sure they've created a committee but it's all deferential. To the Attorney General the United States of America one William Bar who thinks incriptions the worst thing that ever happened so Stein and Dianne Feinstein who is one of the sponsors of the earn it act so Dick Blumenthal and other sponsor said it's not a bad encryption. We just don't want child pornography. What COMPANIES TO BE RESPONSIBLE? They have to earn their section to thirty protection. But it is about encryption. The funny thing is Dick Blumenthal is going on and on about how you gotta use encryption that needs cut sponsoring this stupid act. It's very offensive. And it's just it's or willow. They don't realize that this is a whack. A mole game encryption is never going away right so you down messaging and guess what you just take up file text file encrypted put it on dropbox chat with someone else you go back and forth and you just keep doing them and it's like it's so ridiculous it's just people are gonna find ways around this. Have you ever used? I loved Magic wormhole about that. That the problem. The problem with using dropbox is dropbox has a copy of courses encrypted but it's there and they you know maybe that sets up a red flag or something magic wormholes point to point so if. I want to send Patrick A secret plan to dominate the world. I would I would use magic weren't hold encrypted and it would give me you know an English pass phrase you know nasal walnut glow nasal walnut. And then I would call. Patrick said Glow Nasal Walnut and hang up. Then Patrick Fire up his magic wormhole type glow nasal walnut and it would do a peer to peer connection. And so no third part. Well I guess the phone company know about it can bit torn had something like that Dan. Recently Right Yeah. Something they did. That was encrypted like that. The problem with bittorrent resilient zillow is they never they never talked about the they never. It's not open source never revealed the protocol So it seems like a good idea. Yeah you'd have a unique identifier. Anyway what are we talking about Google Fi? Oh Yeah and the IPHONE so I hope this doesn't depress you Kevin but John Prosser who by the way I don't I don't know who this guy is. But he's been leaking on twitter and he had every detail of the IPHONE. Se including the name before anybody else did. He even said the release date would be Wednesday. Just tweeted a couple of days ago should have some iphone. Se Plus News for you soon. Really odd there's another one coming. Is that the larger version. The larger version PEOPLE ARE UNHAPPY. About how large this one is. Four point seven the naming conventions of the IPHONES are so confusing. Well Anyway Yeah. I think I'm going to get one I think is is You get the plus. I love the exile. Wasn't that a nice phone. What's the difference between a SE plus an x?.

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