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Well I'm ready. I don't have of a lot I it's you know the holidays takes a lot out of you. I'm yeah like mentally exhausted back to the the real real real office but grind grind. But I'm sure we'll on pick it up. Pick a big backup next week for sure all right so so what time is it. Grant the The time for the G and Q patented review where we say eh if our score is over or under the I'm DB officials score like your take on it is more or less. Yep Yeah I hope I got it right got all these other different words that I usually say. Yeah that's right so seven nineteen ninety-five with sitting at a heavy seen. It you want me to tell you You can tell me eight point. Six eight point six. He pretty interesting. That's so that's twenty one would think it'd be higher than eight six twenty one and always going to be like what's the number one. I think it's not yeah. They don't go above eight six. Yeah I think I'd go under. Yeah I I think I'm going to say under as well just if I'm taking my experience. agreeance based off of you know when we saw it that that was it. It was good. But definitely wasn't bested definitely wasn't average good film but you know eight point six pretty damn high. So I'm I'M GONNA go under to the seven. Samurai when people list of drawing you back in May may not understand. And you're like no like you don't this has historical significance Oh My oh God yeah I go under. It's it's good. It's very solid entertain movie. Lego said I I I think the theater experience probably would've liked the first time theater. Experience and in theory is probably would be an eight six eight. She watching that everyone in there. America's reveal at the same time you like all my fucking God like I mean the climax was you're right I think it's the part of the movie like boom but Yeah there was like some like the forest foreshadowing going When Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt's wife about the baby? That was weird. That would probably not happen. Guy was just before traumatic irony. You didn't know yeah under to unders. That's that's what it's GonNa be so grants would it next week next week. What are we going zero zero pick? Yeah we are watching parasite. Oh Shit so this film just came out. It is is also. Korean is a twenty nineteen South Korean. Black Comedy Thriller Directed By Bong. Jun Ho What is the synopsis? Usually pops up on Google right away says greed and class discrimination threaten the newly formed a symbiotic relationship between the wealthy park family and the destitute. Can't Kim clan. We're looking at ninety nine percent on rotten tomatoes. Even though we don't go by that dirty websites was a this was a personally recommended one and as as we We froze the DB two fifty on our site. But I would bet this has made it up there. Because it's rate eight point six which is the same mm-hmm score as seven that's the rating or Nanyuki right. Now I can do. I can do a quick fact act checked on that because I'll probably forget next week spray. Twenty nine who grammy to it. So it's like like as if we're in the top fifty. Yeah it's pretty high really think about until you mentioned the ninety nine percent but yet that is really high I'm excited I. This was a personal recommendation Watch on from Elon. Musk no now from your favorite movie. Is it ever make saving. He tweeted or something. Yeah that that's that sounds good. I'm excited always favorite film. Twenty nineteen not of all time Shit did I ever tell you I would. I took a girl for the first. It was like our first date. Yeah so there's a theater or you know That plays all these like weird. Foreign Films Every day they have a different one and there was one the description said like oh Quentin Tarantino's favorite the film of like whatever year that was I was like I know Tarantino great movie to pick. That movie was so fucking brutal and like dark for a first day it was bad it was like it was really not a good St Louis at all. That's the total grant move to remove just roll with it Yup. That time probably didn't know much about you know like think I had not seen his collection right but I mean you didn't you didn't Google you weren't like let me look at the trailer us went with it like you're passionate good movie though Like the big bad wolf. Maybe yeah I think it's a good film. I think I watched this movie. There's just a point where the the guys literally like stun gunning a dog to death and they hold that shot. I might have brought this up and down. This feels like I've talked about this before they shop for a long time. So I really gruesome me. Watch this movie. It's movies fucked. Worked on the first date. was that all my God. She's yeah it's black comedy horror Black County and remember. I think if I watched it now I like it more. Let's say I didn't like it. Just it was snuff the mood. No no definitely big big big vibe killer all right next week we got paradox. Week twenty. We'll be in twenty twenty twenty and watching. We'll maybe we'll be watching the best film of Two Thousand Nineteen next week. We'll see back to you all right. Thank you guys for listening If you guys have any movie recommendations or suggestions of any kind and you can reach out to us on social media at G. Q.. Review That's our twitter and our instagram handle. or you can email us us at G. Q. Podcast Review at Chima Dot Com And these links should be in the description if You know you need to check that too and Yeah that's it so you guys next week peace peace..

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