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Into the picture. A little ways away from where the shorts were found was a pelvis and a shoe. Inside the shoe was a foot. And shortly after this 33 scattered bones were also discovered. And DNA testing confirmed that these bones belonged to Chris and lissan. Now again there's something weird here. The foot found in the shoe still had skin on it. Like a normal foot. And there were multiple fractures throughout the foot. And the foot wasn't really that far into the decomposition process. And this was Lee sans foot. But when we look at the pelvic bone the spoon belonged to Chris the bone appeared to have been bleached. And not by the sun. I saw a comparison between Chris's bone and a sun bleached bone. And they are very different. The sun bleached one isn't all one color. It's kind of splotchy, just different colors. And Chris is is all one even color. I don't know how accurate it is, but I found that very, very interesting. I will post a photo on the Instagram because this photo was really hard to find and I want you all to see what I mean. Now, it's just so weird, how their bodies can be in such different states of decomposition. Like day and night differences. Granted they could have died at different times, but they were out there the same amount of time. They went out together and even if they died a day or two apart, the decomp wouldn't be that different. You know what I mean? This all again leads me in the direction of foul play. Especially the part with the bleached bones. Those clearly do not look sun bleached to me, and it's just very weird. And to top it all off, a Panamanian forensic anthropologist stated that after he examined the bones under magnification that there were no scratches or markings of any kind on the bones. There wasn't a single mark to be seen from animals or otherwise. Which is so wild to me. You would think after all that time out in the wilderness that an animal would have gotten to the bones at some point. But the fact that they didn't? Just brings me to some one having done this. Someone taking them,.

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