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Feel better or mean more come Monday night, Clemson is one it's last nine games by an average margin of thirty seven points. But no, Dexter Lawrence again suspended for the Tigers. So what about the impact of missing the defensive end curve street on Golic and wingo. Well, I think the first thing you have to look at the Albert Huggins who's come in and make taking most of the snaps has played a ton of football Dexter Lawrence last year dealt with some injuries and wasn't necessarily as affective is he can be so Huggins got some reps last year. So incredibly familiar with with his role when he needs to do the biggest thing you lose is you're dealing with a three hundred thirty pound man, whose twitch twitch, and so you had to account for him a lot of times he doesn't make plays. But he consumes two block in Christian Wilkins. Make plays or the linebacker makes a play. So that's what you lose is Tim can they afford to put one lineman on Albert Huggins and free up to others to get to to get to other players, and to me that probably the area in this particular match where Bama does a lot of double teaming, and they work up to the linebackers. That's probably the area that they're gonna miss the most with extra Lawrence's him, consuming those linemen and freeing up those linebackers could be able to make tackles it, maybe two yards instead of being these. Alignment being able to get up to that linebacker say. You really have to know football to know how much Dexter Lawrence could be potentially met about the night in the NBA. Best to knees match up with the bucks and raptors from beer city works right.

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