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Cab trust traffic center. Dana has news 93.1 K P. K. I will see partly cloudy skies Expect a low tonight A 51 to 55 tomorrow will see mostly sunny skies A high of 82 to 86 4 Tomorrow Sunday Plenty of sunshine. It'll leave Rezian very warm Sunday, will wrap up the weekend with a high of 85 to 89. Mac. You others Drew Shana news. 93.1 kfbk Sacramento has 88 right now. Full some 90 Elk Grove 84 for a one now at KFBK. And we start with your top national story. The Biden administration will now be blocking many people from traveling to the U. S from India, where coronavirus cases air surging. NBC's Alex Stone has the latest with covert case is raging in India. The Biden administration is putting in place a travel ban on any non US citizens coming in from India or who have been in India within the past 14 days. The new rules take effect beginning on Tuesday. They will not apply to US citizens. India has already been under a do not travel advisory from the state Department. Alex Stone, ABC Nair's Your Top local story, The cost of produce could be on the rise of farmers and Governor Gavin Newsom. Don't come to terms on some drop relief. Earlier this month, the governor issued a drought declaration that included just two counties keep Kay's John Libertine e reports gathered with state and local lawmakers on a ranch outside Clovis to urge Governor Gavin Newsom to reconsider their exclusion from his drought. State of emergency. The feds cut off water supplies and the state produced allocations to 5%. Senator Andreas board GIs. It makes absolutely no sense for us to be in the zenith of devastation before a declaration of emergency is issued that we know how catastrophic it can be catastrophic means higher prices. Fresno King's Madeira and to Larry Counties issued their own declarations of emergency, but it's the governor's power that will ease water restrictions and allow farmers to save the growing season. John Libertine e news 93.1 kfbk and we'll go more in depth with Jonathan said. 4 17. Right now it's 402 and the news continues with Joe Michael's KFBK continuing coverage. California Wildfire Watch Your concerns.

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