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And look I thought that was going to have to come out for concussion protocol because sue hit him so hard. But it just sent a message. There's gonna be people hitting you and not necessarily in the way that you think it's going to happen. And so it's those types of things that try to create some imbalance in on the other side that take a break cook stick around coming up how great he ballot. Check keep winning. That's next on first things. First. Champion. Leo. The Santa Cruz puts his belt on the line against Rafael big vein. Rivera live, February sixteen on FOX. And he thought sports app. Earthquake. Name her quite useful. Three. Gear with Coachman Jeanie, and we're going viral. The patriots took down the Rams thirteen to three yesterday to win the franchise's sixth Super Bowl. There was only one way to celebrate. After the game by dancing with a comically large. Boombox look at it that was in seventeen years ago. Right. When I was still in my neighborhood, man. The people. I don't know. And maybe not quite that large. Looks like you what room some of the streets of New York City folks, walk around with their boombox playing music for the city for the surrounding areas. That is you're right genyk comically large. Do we think it's actually playing it is play music? You can see the little light lit up on the side. I like that. It's like an Alexa, wrapped around a large microwave. Who's holding whose old net in that picture guys? That's nate. I'm not sure who that is my apologies. I don't know. Into the drum. Get one. Wanna be without one? Back to the legacy of Brady. And Bella check the to beat the Rams and the Super Bowl to start the dynasty seventeen years ago last night, the two won their sixth Super Bowl together the first player and coach to win that many Super Bowls respectively. Some say Bill couldn't do it without Brady other say Brady couldn't do it. Without Bill, regardless. The two together have been unstoppable coachie were a part of this for a while. How remarkable is this run? It's remarkable. I'm definitely from the school that Bill couldn't do without Brady and Brady couldn't do without Bill and they need each other. And being there with Tom when he first started there were some teams at Tom Price could have gone to gun cut and just based off of a where he was developmentally. And it took a guy like Bill who develops young players who developed who who will put time into people to to see that. And he came such a long way from year one to year two, and then the flip side of it is look, we know. Record without Tom Brady as a head coach is one winning season. What five six years, so the marriage works, and the fact that these two guys are essentially the same people, they were when it all started to me, a big reason, so regardless of fame and money and success and all the things that tend to change human beings. They take the the consistent approach they work the same way. And it's hard to find that in stars. And it's hard to find that in human beings that are successful as they have been. It's it's what the entire NFL in the modern era is designed to prevent is this long lasting success a dynastic run in a salary cap era where the entire league is supposed to go eight where the team that wins has the last pick of the draft. They have the toughest schedule. Everything's built against a long run like this. But I think it is instructive to go back to a couple decisions that were made. At the very beginning. One of which was controversial. And the other was certainly not conventional the controversial one was Robert Kraft decision to trade away draft picks to bring him Bill Belichick who was not considered. Some can't miss. He wasn't young Sean McVay. Right. It wasn't you. Remember this quite well. Can't miss out of town the day, we showed right? And then the next year. Okay. Drafting Brady fine. But you guys kept four quarterbacks. Right. That was David. I think was our third. And so there was something that was seen when nobody keeps four quarterbacks..

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