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Joe come on. Believable to me. The all season. They can't lose the jets Palau's right now. I don't want to say anything because I don't want to jinx it anyway. Couple of things. One is a real. Twenty kept on eighteen masters. Number two matches. He had that team. Because how your bogeyed eighteen. Differently too had he known? Yeah. Chip. But anyway, I thought it was. I love going forward. I think he's got. Have you know what the other day continuation game your mind you can gain? Yeah. I hear you. Five days. Radio. True. That game now. We look back on as the thing that around. Around. Happening right now. Nobody's walking through that. Don't this team? It's not happening. And I look at this road trip, and I am fearing the worst. I'm fearing free and eight and three and eight would take him back here, he games on the five hundred they'd be done done done, and even the best case scenario, which is five and six is still under five now. Where are they going from going anywhere? And that's just stinks because this is the common. Well, when it comes back to in my lifetime, because I don't remember the run between one thousand nine hundred eighty four and nineteen Ninety-one. We'll call that a run because that was a pretty good who's the best run of their, the history of the franchise five hundred every year in my time in my lifetime. You get a little bit of good and it goes away quickly. That's what it is ninety eight through two thousand it was nice. It went away quickly. Oh, six to eight. Nice little ruined, actually, not even a nice little run. Frustrating Ron with collapsing goes away quickly. And now the fifteen sixteen. Run has gone away quickly. There's no such thing as sustained success with the New York met. Absolutely not. Even when you think they're built for sustained success. Absolutely not, Richie, and seldom Richie our you. Hey guys. Quick quick ranch. Quick rant. My son took me Saturday, performance eight to the game and. It's brando. Brandon Nimmo Nimmo bobblehead day. Number one. Yeah. Garden gnome whatever it is. Sorry it's unacceptable. Scott to bobbleheads, but they're like the H Brandon Nimmo heat Alonzo hits a moonshot off the scoreboard, they showed it once on a replay once the whole game to me every time he gets up. They should be showing something they should be showing that shot. They should be Anthon the crowd up. It's like it's like a Morgan there. Ritchie's the fact that the team stinks. On the Mets for not playing and met fans note at once they start going to the Penn you like sitting on your hands. Yeah, you're praying for please. Don't do it again. And sometimes it's Saturday. Saturday night. Forty thousand people one of the garden. No, I'm not even kidding. You think I'm Joe. Take. I know this brand name. Oh, god. In gordon. Yeah, the this is not a joke. I'm being dead, sir. I know. Gordon was a hotter giveaway than the Jacob degrom Cy Young bobblehead. Really? Absolutely. Or give away. If you go on. I bet you the Gordon gnome sells for more than the Gramsci bobblehead pure gas. What did I bet you what is the appeal of the Brandon Nimmo garden gnome? I got nothing for you other than that. Luke is somebody grasping. You know what I mean? What makes it appealing because you put it in your garden. And that's another thing kids play with gas. I don't know. I have no idea. They gotta put together very quickly Pete Lonzo bobblehead phili- though, I wouldn't because admit they do that, because he's going to be. All right. Fair enough. No, no, no. Nothing's. For Lonzo nothing nothing for from now. Then you do something. All right. Fair enough. Stephen crown heights. Steve, our you one day removed happy, Father's Day. Thank you. We appreciate you. Thank you. Thank you, Steve. I didn't know if you guys quit Mickey's posting, you know, about the Melia saying, well, we haven't foot, three years in this. And so we have to use them because. Contracts, the wilpon, they won't be him. And so they're going to use the meal, yet they and, and until you know, who knows when do you wanna use? But who who do you want me? All they were all terrible drew ganja. Chris flexing. What are we doing? That's the point where I'm not even so far on this show, other than comments. Mickey is made we have not ripped them for his managing because. Okay. Pitches are going to start going nine innings all the time. And I think he's done a really good job. What he did with Matt's on Friday. We push them in a home run boot. And he tried to put Syndergaard but then he got hurt yet. But right now, there's no bullets. He's got these bullpen done. That's got no bullets. Molin Stanhope New Jersey mo-, our you. Good. How are you guys happy, Father's Day? Do you most of you? Thank you. I talk about how I think New Orleans got the better of Anthony Davis strait. Okay. City LA. Well to me, it's actually compatible to the Herschel Walker trade. It actually reminds me a lot of it. I actually think that New Orleans will win a championship before LA. Here's the thing mo-. Here's what it all comes down to now. The Lakers have this foundation of two top ten players in the NBA on the same team at this moment in LeBron. Anthony Davis, Ken. They build a team around those guys, they're not gonna have room for max slot. Which is fine. Don't get a max player. Get a bunch of good players getting some four who's mid air? Right. And that's pretty much it right. Can they build a championship team if the Lakers win the NBA title next year, then who cares what the trade looks like they? Yes, but I agree from this standpoint, the New Orleans pelicans did very, very well. I like Lonzo ball. I like Josh heart. I think Brandon Ingram has a chance to be decent. And they've got a treasure trove of picks which bought which depending on how LeBron James ages could turn out to be net Celtic like, but, you know, we talk about trade who won who lost who won who lost. Both teams are doing different things right now. So if the Lakers win an NBA title, but after that they fall off the cliff and the pelicans have built, and they win a bunch of NBA titles who on the train. Can you say both TJ you would say that? So I think it's going to be dependent in the short term on LA and long-term on New Orleans. But they did very well. And big time. I can't imagine how they could have done better, because the Celtics knowing Anthony Davis may not resign and knowing Kyrie Irving didn't wanna re-sign. Well, what are they gonna do? They gonna offer. Jason Tatum for Anthony Davis, and then lose them at the end of the year. Look, I told you, I when my wife told me, Anthony Davis was traded that a Lakers. I almost did a handstand. And you know what else I was thrilled to hit at look at the Celtics who annihilated the nets rate? Well, now it's all said and done. What are what are they moving forward? Title yet, this group are they going to? Jason Tatum James Brown, and potentially taros Aaron Gordon Hayward. I think I'm gonna title go look it are they going to get to an NBA finals doesn't look that either? What else can they do? So this is where the Celtics are. And you know what that reminds you of it reminds you that you could have all the assets in the world, all of them. What are you gonna do with them? They didn't pull the trigger on Kawhi Leonard. They didn't pull the trigger on Paul George, but they pulled the trigger on kyri Irving didn't win with him and Kyrie can't wait to leave. And apparently Celtic fans. Can't wait to say goodbye to him. Fine. Seems that way. So what did the Celtics moving forward? They'll be good. Don't get me wrong. I don't want to bury him. They middle of the pack Eastern Conference team, depending on what collide does maybe a little bit towards the top shore. They got a good team. They got to a conference finals without kyri. But where are they going now because after this off season? Joe what other star players are we eyeing it's over for a while? Unless you're gonna start fantasizing about Janas Kumho, who I don't think ever leaves Milwaukee probably not. Although you never know you never know things can change. But this is such a fascinating off-season because every team in the east has some kind of flux. The Celtics have to decide what they're going to do. Post kyri the books have a lot of key free agents around Yana sounds Kumho, Chris Middleton Malcolm brogden brook Lopez. The raptors are obviously facing it with Coalisland. The Sixers are saying facing it with Jimmy Butler into bias Harris. We'd all about my basketball team, your basketball team, what Eastern Conference team right now is in flux. Now isn't one and that's a lot of fun. It's going to be a fun couple of weeks early July. That's for sure. Since the pistons. Stuck at the bottom..

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