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Of the night his low hit coming in the first inning, a single the right field. The lost that the Yankees 7 game winning streak. John leathery to run. Rice elder threw his first ever complete game, a 6 hit shutout as the Atlanta Braves beat Washington ain't nothing. It means a lot, but at the same time, it's just another win. We were trying to sack the wins on top of each other here and get ready for this weekend and the next three games after that. I went a lot of the braves to move within a game of the NL east leading New York mets, the braves admits with that big weekend showdown beginning on Friday. Baltimore beat Boston 14 to 8 and Pittsburgh beats Cincinnati. Jimmy Johnson is retiring from full-time racing, the 7 time NASCAR champ told the AP. He will focus on family, Johnson says he'll race about ten bucket races a year. Seems like a division one college football coach loses his job each week. Georgia Tech parted ways with Jeff Collins, Collins was ten and 28. He was in his fourth season. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be practicing in South Florida this week with hurricane Ian moving over to Florida's West Coast. The Buccaneers will spend the week practicing at the facility of the Miami Dolphins. A NASA spacecraft rammed an asteroid Monday night in a test to see if space rocks could be knocked out of a collision course with earth. The dart spacecraft launched last November, rammed an asteroid at 14,000 miles an hour in an effort to nudge the space rock into a smaller orbit around its twin, 7 million miles from earth. And we passed. Mission controller Elena Adams as the darts camera went blank in its signal abruptly ended, data from a bevy of telescopes trained on the pair will be checked to see if the orbit has shifted. NASA administrator Bill Nelson says the mission is just to start a protecting the earth from asteroids like the one thought to have led to the mass extinction of the dinosaurs 66 million years ago. Planetary defense is a global endeavor. I'm Tim McGuire. A U.S. patrol has spotted Chinese and Russian naval ships near Alaska. I'm Lisa dwyer. The U.S. coast guard says a ship on routine patrol in the Bering sea came across a guided missile cruiser from China. The U.S. patrol ship found two other Chinese ships and four Russian naval vessels, including a destroyer. The ships broke their single formation and dispersed, but the coast guard says that while the ships were operating in accordance with international rules and norms, the Honolulu based Kimball will continue to monitor the area that formation came a month after NATO's secretary general warned about China's interest in the Arctic and Russia's military build up there. The secretary general said Russia has set up a new Arctic command and is opened hundreds of new and former Soviet era Arctic military sites, including deep water ports and airfields, I'm Lisa dwyer. Thank you for this is

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