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You. Obviously this movie is a classic were there any in a negative reaction system. There were actually there were. And this is from a guy named Philip hamburger. He wrote for the New Yorker at the time, I'll read clips of it. Because actually when I was going through his review most of it is just plot summary. Andro hates this movie. But I find a little unclear into why he doesn't really prove it was actually kind of badly written review. But here are the highlights of Philip hamburgers pan sensible of art. He writes in his opening line, not believed unfortunate aspect of Sunset Boulevard. A pretentious slice of Rockford. Starring glorious Watson is the fact that the narrator is a corpse in four hundred words a plot. Summary describes the entire thing up until the ending and patting his rent, and he just closes out with basically this since boulevard contains the germ of a good idea. It's a pity that it wasn't better written. He calls it, then a tone poem that substitutes snappy photography entitled for what could have been a genuine. Only moving tragedy, which is interesting. I'm wondering about a version of this film that was genuinely moving genuinely complicated -ly. He says fill it seems to me that the author is never quite made up their minds whether they were with Mr. Mond or against her there moments when they appear to have a healthy cynicism toward Hollywood past and present. But before the film's over it is quite evident that they have a pretty unhealthy contempt for aging stars. He comes all the actors, but he says, they're combined highly skilled efforts cannot cover up the essential hollowness of this enterprise. Interesting. I feel like whenever I read a review that swipes something. So major like if you're looking for a dramatically moving story, there is a version of this to tell I feel it consciously isn't going there. I mean, I would love to see that too. I think tell the story that way it's not that. I always get hung up on reviews say like I wish it was this. We'll know, but it's not I think you can say that when it's not when it's going for. That and fails this movie decidedly is not going in that direction. Love to see that version to get. I would love to see the compelling Marlon Brando acted human version this film, but you're right. It's not this film. Yeah. It's it's it's really. Yeah. But it's an interesting point for another film now did the Simpsons ever since. And I have to imagine that it will break our streak this week. The Simpsons did not reference it why what is happening. Drawn is really creating these interesting power shift for us. Sure, sure. They don't have a balcony scene in the show. We're going closest I could find was from an interview that Matt Groening did with Nathan Rabin from the onion onion where Nathan asks him about. How he saw on Mets Wikipedia entry that when he first moved to LA he worked as a biographer for an elderly director, and what it was like. Meghan says. Yeah, I worked for this ninety three year old guy calling him a movie director is probably a little exaggerated. It's true. He directed. A couple b westerns, but he was mostly behind the scenes guy. He didn't have much of a career of that. He had seen this ad in the LA times that said wanted writer chauffeur, and then my growing says, and I had seen Billy wilder movie Suns at boulevard. So I knew what I was in for. I got the job. Them says was he Norman Desmond like figure any says well a little bit. I remember buying him his nightly steak at the gourmet on the corner of sunset in Fairfax and paying more for the piece of meat than I made in two days. So he alludes Sunset Boulevard, but he didn't ever reference it that I can tell so interesting because it's such an iconic film. So many ways, you know, who did and I don't like to post from other stuff because I don't want to expand. Yes are Simpson's narrow trajectory. But this is a life thing. It wasn't from a TV show. This is the Muppets when the Muppets got their star on the walk of fame. Burgess really happy. Joining some of the greatest show biz records. Pearled? Bergen judge Judy. Actually Norma Desmond fictional. That's great. I love it. Always welcome them up. It's clip. Now, we'd be remiss if we didn't talk about the extra life that Sunset Boulevard has which is this musical. I didn't see it. But people love this musical. She wanted Tony award for it. It was written by Andrew Lloyd Webber, but the musical is actually in production or the idea to make it into a musical started back in nineteen fifty seven, and they wanted you know, they wanted a glorious wants to be in it. Gloria she had energy men. She always wanted to do a Sunset Boulevard musical. She was trying to do it. Right after this movie came out. So crazy. It's okay. Let's listen to a little bit of land close because to me Glenn Close. I worry that she could be at risk of being forgotten because this woman has not yet won an Oscar. She has been trying to win an Oscar. Every year. She does something worthy of an Oscar every year. She gets shut out just the way. Gloria did you know when Gloria last to Judy Holliday? She was put in your couldn't waited till next year. And I wonder I mean, I don't want Glenn to have to get to that position. Because Glenn has deserved an Oscar has never quite gotten it bliss nursing because she's an amazing, Sarah. One two. Oh. I'm

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