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It is never going to be something that you say. I have to start Kobe's across the board. But if you're getting fourteen fantasy points in PR from your third receiver or flex receive relate, you will take that easily. He is twelve percent owned Beasley and he's actually on pace for like over one hundred ten catches and what's the bet we met on that one ninety catches for lunch. I still feel good about it like it's going to be a nice. Really good about it will Disley. Does he bad? Right? Actually, I think I asked JV on the radio show of Lukman net was a sleeper just combined Luke Wilson, and Nick. Which is what about Jimmy this Li, I also had a coughing fit on the air. This was this was hysterical, he's the I could tell because I know Adam enough when he starting to lose his voice. So he starts the coffin. I okay, buddy. You want me keep going in pick things up where he goes. Yes. So I start talking and then we go to the update was right afterwards. Yeah, it was right after that segment. Yeah, let me go the Joe What's last last name? name. It's John Fass. John is a great. John fast also is given the reds was reds BART's doodo, no game. It was giving us a baseball score and all of a sudden just stopped. Here's starting to go. He's like, stop. I mean, you heard it like through the radio. I heard it live like without the without the bike off the room with him. Yeah, we both. We just started. Choking was crazy. Fun time, who's great for everybody that wasn't being John. We'll Disley heath dizzy matter. E matters a little bit. He's somebody that we need to put on the radar. I think because we've talked one of the things we talked about with Marshall. One of them was all the receiving touchdowns that we're gone from last year, and I thought Nick when it had a chance and he's still does to be the primary target, but it was disallowed in this game show. I will say that when I was with John Clayton, who does radio sideline for the hawks, he told me, I said, how they're gonna replace Jimi. Graham said, Marshall, you know, some of the secondary savers and he said this lean next year will be there guy and based on Dixon's injury Disley may be there now. Yeah. All right. Well, it's actually true story. The Seahawks had a job opening for a tight end, but they have.

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