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Real estate donations coming up on case to be as President Trump signals, the US will pull out of a UN treaty regarding the global arms trade we're going to find out just what that means. By Niners football at five. Fifteen. We've got Joe Hughes in for Kevin Anthony jetty San Francisco forty Niners use their second pick of the NFL draft in the second round to grab wide receiver deebo Samuel out of South Carolina, deebo is just a nickname from Samuel's. Dad? It comes from the movie Friday DiBa was the villain in that movie any bullied the entire neighborhood Samuel said at the NFL combine this year that he used to be a bit of a bully himself, and he would take toys from kids. He says he's put those days behind him. And that he's just going to be a bully on the field for the forty Niners. Clemson beat Alabama in the national championship game at Levi stadium this year and three of the raiders I four draft picks this year played in that game new general manager, Mike Mayock was on hand for that game. And it was obviously very impressed. The raiders traded back three spots in the second round today and added a fourth round pick from Jacksonville Oakland, then cornerback Trayvon Molin out of Clemson. He'll join his team. Eight former teammate and now current team defensive in clean Farrell who the raiders took with the fourth overall pick yesterday today feral met the media. He said he's excited about the new culture. The raiders have in the building mostly what they usually bring in the best players scratching the a team, that's very talented and win a Super Bowl. But when you want us to stain that you got to bring in the right guy that Alaska over the years and towns and things like that. And there's gonna hold people accountable and wolf is what they want for themselves, man. So it's such a blessing to notice that I was to Gaza Fata, you know, Greeley really good guys and great ballplayers MLB the as trail the Blue Jays two to nothing in the top of the fifth inning. The Blue Jays super prospect Vladimir Guerrero junior making his big league debut, so far he's grounded out to first in his only add bad the Golden State Warriors can knock out the clippers in game six of their playoff series. That'll tip off at seven PM and the San Jose Sharks. In the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs hosting the Colorado Avalanche. Also at seven pm to Hughes sports at fifteen and forty five. On news one zero six nine AM, seven forty KCBS..

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