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Moscow, Wnyc, Propublica discussed on Midday on WNYC


Morning edition are worth a deeper listen we're really very high hopes in moscow for a fresh start with the trump administration and instead we've seen this escalation over the past year and many people see this as a race to the bottom listen to morning edition everyday on wnyc this is mid day on wnyc and i'm back with propublica is immigration report a hand dryer so hannah henry ever have a formal witness protection agreement with enforcement he didn't and that turned out to be really key and what happened to him so the way this usually works is out witness will come forward and usually this is a person who has charges hanging over them people usually don't talk to federal authorities unless they have a lot to lose what was weird about henry is he came forward just voluntarily and so there was never any need to negotiate a deal and he just talked and angel his handler just listened and in the end that turned out to be sort of terrible for henry right so is henry was serving as an informant the trump administration was cracking down on immigrants especially those with gang affiliations and henry thinks he's going to be protected but he gets picked up by is instead so did the suffolk county police share henry's in formation with ice agents that's exactly what happened suffolk county was collecting information about henry in a central police database basically and when ice came around the police department is turned over all of that information to agents and i says that they had no idea that henry was an informant or was cooperating with police they just saw that he was a gang member and one day while henry was getting ready at home to go to work these agents came and.

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Moscow, Wnyc, Propublica discussed on Midday on WNYC

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