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He like he doesn't even have a set position right now. Right. Yeah. Because he was a running back and then a wide receiver. And now he's going to be some kind of offense of weapon. Right. And I think ultimately when you what you do with your first three rounds of picks. Is you say what? Do you do really, well, let's go ahead and take that and make that work at the NFL level and the Niners seemed to be especially in and around the third and fourth round and Namur with taking a player and then thinking that they can mold him. They have the quite frankly, arrogance to think that they can completely transform player into doing something that is new at a level that is much higher than they had to do it in college. And so far that has not been successful. And then when ends up happening is that player, unfortunately, get stuck in a loop. They get brought in to transfer to a different position or role. They don't do that. Well, so they moved back to a different role. And then they've only been doing that for your in the NFL, they don't do that. Well, and they keep ping pong and you end up with Jimmy ward or you end up with various more or you end up with these players or you end up with Solomon Solomon Thomas these players that you just don't have a fixed position for you. Don't let them learn their craft, and then you cut them or trade them because they're a bus when in reality. You didn't have a plan for them. And even if you did have a plan. It wasn't a good one because you should have just let them do what they do well and play to their strengths. And instead you thought to yourself with the CBA that limits all this practice time. I'm gonna go ahead and fix them. Look man, I wouldn't have been able to go to sleep at night. If we didn't get CJ Beathard on this roster. All right. I wasn't going to be able to sleep until day three of the draft. Yeah. It's it's it's it's tough. It's this would be a completely different conversation. If this is a player we're talking about taking with one of their two six round picks. Right where he very likely could have been available like this is a a top one hundred pick that you are expecting to take a player here that can come in and be an impact player for your team and be somebody that you can actually rely on right now Araj on a roster that is talented vision. And in a draft where there is a glut of talent in the second and third round. I mean, you think of the players that were still available when the Niners drafted this wide receiver. You look at the Cornerbacks. That were available a position of need for the forty Niners. And okay, we know the Niners don't value cornerback position as much as they do their front seven. They put a ton of resources in their front seven. But that doesn't mean that cornerback has a position doesn't exist. And so instead of going for a cornerback or instead of. Going for safety that can challenge Jimmy ward. They instead double down on a wide receiver. I get the position the players still confuses me. Yeah. I think that's that's what you really come back to you. Right. Is again, we bang the drum hard for coverage constantly and pass catchers again effect the passing game. This is better than them drafting a damn off ball linebacker in the third round for sure. And so I think that's why though you you are comfortable with deebo Samuel right while you're okay with that. You can say like, okay. Yeah. Let's let's deebo like I was really happy. That begins. Guests been brought like I'm not in a good place right now. Let's get back to talking about good stuff. Right. Well, I think you know, you look at deebo Samuel. And even though I think we would have argued all things being equal. If you have a cornerback that you like as much as you have deebo Sam as much as you like deebo Samuel there. Like, you take the cornerback. Because that's a thing that you need more direly right now on your roster. But you know, at the end of the day..

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