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And before he went to vietnam to continue with his very east coast patrician upbringing he married and cavill standish an cavill standish she was a graduate of miss porter's school and sarah lawrence when did they get married so they actually got married it'd be right after college graduation labor day weekend nineteen sixty six and then moved promptly to new york city for for him to start graduate school at nyu this this detail isn't in the story but an experience that might be all too familiar to some new york city listeners of particular generation he arrived in new york city parked the car went inside his apartment building to get the keys came back outside and his car had been broken into and his television set a wedding present had already been stolen holy smokes what what part of town was this i don't know actually a new york in the in the battle days so so then wasn't wasn't his wife pregnant with their first child by the time he was sent to vietnam yeah so he was married basically the year before he shipped out and then shipped out the fall of nineteen sixty eight and met his daughter for the first time on our in our in hawaii in august nineteen sixty nine when his wife and daughter flew out to meet him there and by that point he'd been in combat combat and actually wounded in combat and had recovered by the time he he saw his daughter for the first time now you mentioned this before we went to the break in the first part of our conversation about how the the war the context of the war dramatically changed while muller was in training he was in training from november sixty seven through july nine thousand nine hundred sixty eight talk about the ten the ted offensive and how that changed the public's opinion of the war yeah so i mean this is an incredibly consequential period of time when muller is already on the path to vietnam but not yet in the he you have the tet offensive this incredible hard fighting in in vietnam the surprise viet cong north vietnamese attack across the south then that that triggers this huge excavation in the war lyndon johnson declares that he's not going to run for reelection because.

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