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This on air off air, I worked with a lot of people in broadcasting. But none, none better when it comes through traffic than yours. The man in question here of the man behind him. What's, what's next on the agenda here? Now another report in about four minutes. So go looking back on fifty and we, we still plan on having the Chuck rose to just got laid a little bit. So we're probably do it next year. So that'll be next year. And I've been told that we are been asked to be enshrined in the Maryland entertainment hall of fame by those folks. So that'll all be in the same year that'll be next year. But it'll be before your fifty first aaniversary. I think that'd be so that'll that'll be good. But whatever. So looking back over fifty years, what was the, the highlight and the low light of the last fifty years? I don't really know. I mean there are many highlights. I mean every day, I think is a highlight. We come in. We're, you know, we're friends, we've developed relationships was just thinking last night when I saw Frank for the first time and actually shook hands with Frank, I was laying in the gutter next to the playboy club. You haven't had a liquid lunch and he was walking up light straight. He stepped on my tongue. And I said Frank and it's nice to see. You were with me, your mentor, Pat, Lynn. Yes. Yes. Exactly. Right. Yeah. And, and were you in the playboy club that day I was I was in there for lunch? And I was on my way back to, to try to draw things at transit traffic. You know, you know, I got to tell you that could have been the day that I had gone in there. I'm not sure it was around that time, I was only in the playboy club one time and only once. Yeah, I, I wasn't there because I was too young. No. You. Yeah. Of course, well that you were. Two young smarter. But anyway, my good friend, good friend Lou grasping says he used to have little meetings down there. Nice to as well. And so he said, wanted to join I said, I'm not going to join all pay for the news. It was twenty five bucks or twenty five bucks. Right. Or IBM transaction folks, there was. All right. Does that? Thank you. Well, guess what? We go to lunch and the day in place close. Two days later metro so we got the us at one time as the retirement party for Mike fast, the mount Washington, two days later burned down. See, we have a bad track record here. But no, seriously. We in our listeners, appreciate the traffic information, given dedicated do it for fifty years, and, and airplanes out of airplanes. Volved allot base, when you first started, and what we have available to us now, right? Oh, yeah. I mean you couldn't do what I'm doing now without the stuff that we have in front of us. Now, speaking of places burning down shop, you'll remember which company succeeded the playboy club at that location. Wow. I don't remember. It was a restaurant. It wasn't. It was wasn't Burks. No, that was down the searchers down the corner on the corner. This place was operated by owned by a Baltimore. Orioles pitcher. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Right. This is milk. Milt Pappas trafficers restaurant. And I believe that musty not mistaken. Didn't that eventually burn down. I think it did. I did. Yeah. A hotspot hotspot. Thank you very much. Well, congratulations. We've got folks wanting to wish you. Good luck here this morning. Thank you. Let's see. I can't mention that guy now. No okay, mention that one. I can't say that all the girls law have they come in and mentioned anything while Tiffany, lamps is here. She said hope you wins over your joy. Your Chuck rose to gusty winds as weighed in as well. Can't wait to see again big boy. Not so big anymore. One here from Brown's motels saying, Chuck, we still have a light on for you. That's good into back room. Five bug light, by the way, our dear friend, just very quick are different first guy ever met that actually had something to do with what I started with was Harry Shriver. Right. Was the program director WFP are back then no good. One of our of steam colleagues is no longer with us. All right, Chuck. We'll see seeing a couple of one and you're listening to Sean and Frank coming up next. The contempt vote over the census citizenship question boost our Medicated ointment gets five star reviews from loyal users for fast relief of the pain, and it's almost any skin irritation. Insect bites and fungal infections really works on the summer rashes. I get every year at psoriasis on my elbows. Blue star worked wonders amazing stuff MIR a bit on. And the itch is gone. Look for the white box with the blue star in the first aid section feel blue star work fast or your money back. If you're worried about your cholesterol here, how others are taking charge with garlic. My doctor said my cholesterol was borderline, but I've been taking garlic and it works. I've been taking garlic for years, pharmacist recommended.

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