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A popular Thai music act has apologized for wearing a shirt with a swastika flag during a rehearsal performance. A photo of the performance was posted on social media. And it went viral the performer Nineteen-year-old nam see Nafa of bien, que forty eight blamed her own ignorance and made a tearful video apology that was posted on her Instagram account. Israel's embassy in Thailand had posted a statement on Twitter expressing shock and dismay. The group's management. Also apologized for what they called inadvertently causing any distress to the people affected by the historical crime against humanity. A painting stolen off the wall of Moscow's. Famed museum of Russian art has been returned. Police say the painting of Crimean mountain ridges by archetype Koiji was stolen right in front of confused. Visitors Sunday at the gallery. Witnesses described a young man who removed the landscape from the wall before they realized they'd see look that the interior ministry says they detained suspect and recovered the painting, which was hidden at a construction site outside Moscow police say the man had been on bail for drug possession. Some. December the painting is valued at one hundred eighty five thousand dollars but other works by coincidence have fetched more than three million dollars at auctions. Legendary entertainer is being honored by the US postal service with a new stamp, Gregory Hines is being featured as part of the black heritage series it made his debut at the Peter Norton symphony space in New York introduced by acting chief postal inspector Gary Barksdale, I was known for his unique style of tap. Dancing and won a Tony award in nineteen Ninety-two four Joey's last jam data cancer at age fifty seven in two thousand and three the forever stamp features hives smiling on one knee with one foot raised to show the taps on the bottom of a shoe. AP radio news. I'm Rita Foley lay. I.

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