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So i figured well we do that. Then you know we can make it happen but damning. I've always wanted like the fans will be bigger part of the band especially are ban because we're not mainstream. Were full on colt pan. you know. we're we're probably the must underground. Coal bans can be think of you know. We're we're in that scene of you know where you gotta dig find us and i love that. I love that were underground. Coal bandmates side to me makes us cool. You know so actually So when are more part of that you know that means more to me you know they actually be a part of this than just like just some bandy can't talk to or reach or whatever you knows as a kid i was a of motley crue like i didn't think guys even really existed. You know stop there made up characters like there's this mystery thing you know but you know colt band you can feel he can grab them. You can touch them. You could talk to him you can. You know they're more part of your life you know. Yeah now. I i love when fans more part of what we do. You know that's awesome. That's awesome jeff couple of questions left for you for us. All right just getting zapped professor right. But i'm widely tonight. These are more about your light musical history influence wise and everything but apart from your sort of say top ten which you probably normally get asked top album and stuff like that. Well i wanna find out outside that top ten. What are your honorable. Mentions if you could name a couple of albums that thank quite. Make into that top ten. But we're kind of really influential snaps. Caroline's right yeah seeing a kinda hard. Exactly i mean i think you know a hard core bands i think like Like all those blood let records huge influence on me because my top ten. But like i mean i have to give a lot of its civil early like hardcore stuff. Spend kind of form haven like earth crisis and blood. Let snap case stuff like that and then you know kennel corpses a huge influence on me But then you have like. I love ban. I mean i love sunday real estate. And jeremy and you know a recourse rating at the shops in billy ray okay. Computers one was huge influence on me. i mean the biggest influence me ever has been pink floyd. That's in my top band but a lot of people you know. Go the dr island moon and the wall but mike. I love like macho lapsed reason division bells does not people's top pigs when they think of included their their mind. You know exactly. I grew up on. That's my som- live when those records and You know of course tara And then you know the the but even like far and in-depth phones and and advancing sacramento. That were huge influenced to no one ever heard of And then we had me. And sean from far hetero in socks That was pre william and that was that was probably our biggest influence was that In a neurosis and and growing up in the nineties. And just like this whole just hodgson using and it's like there was so many As you know. I i mean i'm one day. I'm listening to rose's the next day. I'm listening blake radiohead The more mr button. Mr bongo Record all times person's rebuttal records. Yeah it's like just it's just so different you know and you don't have that day.

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