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Lauren Culp has withdrawn his lawsuit against the secretary of state. The campaign ended their legal efforts after attorney Stephen Pigeon faced ethics and legal complaints for allegedly filing frivolous lawsuits, according to the Times. Both the attorney general and the State Democratic Party have been seeking disciplinary action against pigeon who has aligned himself with all right conspiracy theories. He had previously pushed the false narrative that former President Barack Obama was a secret Muslim who sought to impose Islamic law Now, even though Lauren copes legal efforts to overturn his election laws have now ended Stephen Pigeon could still face disciplinary action from the courts or the state bar for filing lawsuits with false and unsubstantiated claims. Jeff Pooja look come on news Well, analysts have now had a closer look at President elect Joe Biden's unveiled $1.9 Trillion coronavirus plan bankrate dot com senior economic analyst Mark Hamrick with that closer look and talked about it with Cuomo's time I learned last evening, the Rice, the president elect said that the Asian faces this crisis of deep human suffering. Did he say anything that made you feel like There's a way out of that crisis. Well, I think the question is how much of a whole do we dig? Before we get to the end of this tunnel that has the light at the end of it, and And you know, the whole was still pretty deep. We've been getting it seriously economic reports, including a miserable December retail sales reading this morning, Tom, I think you know, a lot of things sort of are thrown out there. I think as potential points of negotiation, not all this would be passed. I don't think On Remember? Obviously, Biden as vice president under Obama's senator for many years, knows very well how the legislative process works. He has a good professional or political relationship of Mitch McConnell, who's still the Republican leader of the Senate. I think the first thing people gravitate toward is the additional payments of $1400 of stimulus payments that would go on top of the 600 by virtue of what the president signed into law the end of December there some controversial parts in there like raising the federal minimum wage to $15. But I again I think some of those air points of negotiation. As you mentioned the American public latching onto that $1400 In addition to the two to make it about $2000 total, that's still in the process. How much affect how much impact? How much good would that do? I think it doesn't want a good There is an argument to be made that it's highly inefficient because essentially, everybody with an income of $75,000 or less would be getting it. And you know, $75,000 goes a lot farther in my hometown back in the day of in southeast Kansas, when it does here in Washington, D C or where. You are Tom. But let's put it this way. Half of households have lost income during this downturn. As you know, we had more than 18 million on some form of unemployment insurance and the report we got this week. On DSA. Many people were financially fragile coming into this and that fragility has turned into a crisis of late, so it'll help people in need of help. For those who don't quote unquote need to help it will help the broader economy. And ultimately, that helps everybody because it lifts that that economy adds to job security, boost consumer spending and helps those who have really been on the edge or fell over it. We thank you for your analysis of the speech last night by the president elected, he will be, of course in office. For a couple of days one week from today, and that's make great dot com senior economic analyst Mark Hamrick and Cuomo's Tom Hudler with the interview. And come on use time coming up on a 6 40. Now that the Seahawks are out, Which team do you like in the playoffs Come was built Sports with some thoughts at the Beacon Plumbing Sports desk. Sorry, Reagan EJ. I cannot root for Seattle's NFC West Phone. LOS Angeles tomorrow. The Rams are underdogs in the divisional playoff game at Cold Green Bay. I'm sort of a Buffalo fan, not because they're the bills, but because last weekend they won their first playoff game since 1995 and tomorrow host Baltimore Atlanta Falcons bring in Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator Arthur Smith to be their head coach. Another substance abuse setback for Seattle Seahawks receiver Josh Gordon suspended indefinitely again after violating terms of his NFL reinstatement. Mariners today signed Picture Rafael Montero, shortstop JP Crawford and catcher Tom Murphy to 2021 contracts Now ends Manager Scott Service is counting on Murphy and outfielder Mitch Hanniger to return from some tough injuries. You know it's hard. It's hard for players to sit out a whole year. Hey, and Mitch, you're gonna be is excited as anybody to get to spring training just be part of the group again. Spring training games subject to Cove in 19 Change is scheduled to begin February 27. Sports updates attendant 40 After the hour bill's words come on, is Does anybody want breakfast? Guys..

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