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Senior analyst pro football. Focus steve pal solo. Steve a little different tone. Well the tone change back after the fuller roby thing. But we're not going to discuss just yet. We're going to get to the xs and os this thing watson another big performance this team starting to turn it around the run game leave something to be desired but now the passing game has not suffered going into this week even with hopkins being gone. I know he's good but they're passing game has been one of the better ones in pleasant surprise this year it absolutely has and i thought one of the bigger stories of of the year coming in looking at the shawn watson would it be better for his development and not have the andre hawkins and i know we can go back and talk about the trade and what they got for it and and hopkins awesome obviously But we saw this matthew staff. But i think in detroit where he lost alvin johnson. He got a little bit better. Spread the ball around a little bit more think relied on the system. Didn't rely on. Just one guy. And i think we're seeing that actually help to shawn watson development. Now we will see what happens without will fuller golden forward But my favorite thing about the texans. This year is the way they have taken leave. Speedy playmakers including fuller spread them around created. Mismatches in tax. Teams you know in a different way Then then they had previous years watson doing a really good job and and improving his game up to twenty yards short area game making good throws and good decisions cutting back a little bit on the sacks and all those things that he's needed to do to kind of take next up. I've seen him the last couple of weeks. Steve throw balls out of the end zone when he when he realizes there's nowhere else to go. It's okay tedi kick a field goal in the red zone and not take a sack. You can't make every play. And you know steve. I believe that. I've said the same thing you did. While losing hopkins. Of course you don't want the best guy out there but it also can increase development of a quarterback because when i see a quarterback who gets more people involved and trust and they trust him. The passing game can elevate and it has elevated even though hopkins. Isn't.

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