Ted Cruz, Don Jr, Wire Fraud discussed on WIBC Programming


And they're actually very nice. But it's just that Ted Cruz some about Ted Cruz smarmy. He's a little face crying face crime is your urban word of the day. Thank you for saying that in dated urban slain. So that our understanding that there was the urban were of the day we damn stretch your cranium. Breaking into his house searching, the house scaring, his wife scaring. Unnecessary. A telephone pole would have done the job. Yeah. Well, he did appear and then he was released. And again, I I question did we need twenty nine. A phone call. Nobody is the popadopoulos and all of these other characters that are surrounding Trump. None of them. Right. The they did this to you could have just said, hey, can you appear with your lawyer? We're gonna die you showed up, but they made a spectacle out of it today. And you know, this is six though, this is six six people that have been indicted and. All of them to to this point, the ones who've who've pled guilty and had nothing to do with campaign at all do with lying, and or, you know, Bank fraud wire fraud things of that nature. So we'll see though how this goes. And who's next my money is Don jR, and Jared Kushner are our next in line to get the knock on the door for Muller, whether it be early in the morning or from his lawyer saying I just spoke with them you guys need to come with us three two three five three eight twenty four twenty three at Chadbensonshow is your Twitter. Oregon's trying to do something with parents and newborns and smells a little fishy. Chad Benson show. You know, it's not smart.

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