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You had went to pay for your legal defense so when you got out of. Prison your wife had medical issues from a horrific car accident. You suffered before you went to jail and your kids. You know you talked about the effect. Being imprisoned has on families. Your kids were young. They were what eleven fourteen when this all started. And now they're adults. Your son went to law school, so he could work on your case I mean this. This has derailed your entire life. And as we mentioned before it sounds through everything all the issues with Judge Fuller, and the the his jury instructions and everything else that you had a perfect case for appeal, and you did go to the supreme. Court and you were waiting for them to take the case. They just said No. We're not going to hear it. It's the what. I yeah, we appeal three times and the the the first time we appealed it was based on. That initial finding by the three judge panel. That there were substantial questions of law and fact that would likely result in reversal and so the Supreme Court. Is that point? Sent the case back to the eleventh circuit. Saying? Take another look at this based on the. The actual definition of bribery which is. Not Not involving campaign contribution, but where there are, there's a briefcase of money where there's some self-enrichment scheme and the eleventh circuit said No. We still think that settlement is guilty, so we're GONNA lead. Let the convictions stand. We took the issue of acquitted conduct up to the Supreme Court as well. and that was that was. Denied. And then we saw a trial, we were asking for discovery because we knew that we had. Evidence that. The lead prosecutor was emailing my Republican opponents campaign manager. Giving them updates on the investigation. So, we thought if if there was A. There was one email that the united. States. Department of Justice had the probably were others, and they were probably linked called, roved prosecution, and of course. Our request for discovery was denied so anxious for. Those Call Roe v by also surface at some point because I'm sure that we would find his fingerprints all over my case, but now you're telling us that that that Donald trump the orange menace is trying to make nice with Karl. Rove so maybe can use some of his dirty tricks. In the two thousand twenty election, we know that that trump will stoop to nothing to. Do know no boundaries when it comes to trying to do whatever he needs to do to stay in office. Because I think he knows that the minute he's a civilian again. He should be arrested and sent to jail. He would if if there was justice in this country. What would hopefully they'll build chain him to Mnuchin to. Five hundred billion dollars to their friends and not. Telling us out offering any kind of public accountability. This is why they got rid of all of the Inspector General's. Yeah They didn't want any report coming out on how they were going to know. And Yeah I'm just awful, and it seems like the trump administration is following that Bush playbook I mean he even brought in someone to do away with anyone in the administration, who is not suitably pro-trump, enough This is not how America is supposed to be Don Siegelman. I'm telling you the the book. Just broke my heart, even though I knew the story. I knew what happened reading it again in this one you know. Volume was just heartbreaking because I see in you. What what? We could've been what we could have had, and there's no reason for this and the fact that the Democratic Party did nothing to come to. Your defense sours me on them even more obviously I have no. No love lost for the Republicans and I'm not even going I'm just really disappointed that we don't have a party that we can rely on to stand up for the rule of law, and for the really good people. We have who are working hard for the people of this country. Well Amen. That's all I can say to that go. You you have a phenomenal of putting things and. So, sometimes. You know the less said the better. Let you be my spokesperson I. Gotcha and I I wish I could I'd scream from the rafters and I do, and I have a you know I'm so. Appreciative to have this opportunity to speak with you about this again. I've followed your case all these years. We spoke a couple of times and I spoke with Dana while you were imprisoned as well and. I, just my heart goes out to you and your family for what you've been put through. This should happen to nobody. Nobody in this country ever and yet it does. The abuse of power that happened to me happened. In the in the in the in the halls of power in in. The Court House what happened to. Two more George Floyd and Eric Gardner and others happens on the streets of America every day, and you know, and it is we we'd. Know again the point of my book is that we we. You know George Floyd paid the ultimate price. Now it is up to us as citizens to create new policies, new politics and new laws to protect the most vulnerable. From abuses of power by police prosecutors are presidents. Without a doubt, the book stealing our democracy is officially out this Tuesday. Do yourself a favor by it. Read it share it. Everybody needs to know this story and you're right governor. Siegelman, it's not just about you, but it is about you because the the Republicans and Karl Rove saw somebody who was. A really good governor who was beloved by the people from both parties. Who had you know? Who who could have brought wonderful things to this nation, and they went after you for precisely those reasons, and this should never happen again, and what kills me is that? You know nobody came to your rescue. Nobody is coming to our rescue right now. That's why we have to do it. We all must stay out in the streets and protests for what's right and most importantly we need to vote. We need to get this criminal out of office, but all our problems will not then be solved because Joe Biden. I'm sorry is not. A return to the Obama Administration will not fix these things. The Obama Administration led us down on your behalf as well and we need. We need to do better than that. We need to do better as a nation. We need to do better as a party. We need to do better. Well let me let me be closed by saying saying this if if we're going to end systemic racism..

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